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[NSW] AMM_Riders Social Ride, Sun Jan 21st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rebecca

    We are a group of social riders for singles and couples.Meet at Mt White Road Warriors Cafe at 8.30 sharp.Riding the Galston Gorge to Richmond then the Bells Line Of Road to Mt victoria for lunch.We have smaller groups meeting at The caltex at Thornlei...

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  2. i don't think i'm doing anything, i'll wait till the day . . .
    From Galston, how do you get to Richmond ?
    Another group may meet up at Caltex Rouse Hill.

    You don't by any chance ride a ZZR ??

  3. Cursed work.
  4. I cant make it, but just curious who AMM is? Any link to their club?

  5. On a Wednesday???

    Don't these people have real jobs?
  6. I'd like to come, I'll see how I go as its the day before my bday!
  7. Uh oh....

  8. amm = adult match maker . com
  9. So this IS a swingers ride!! I told you Micky!!

    ...If I end up with some big dude on a harley I'm going to be well pissed.
  10. There is an Aprilia ride starting from RW to the Entrance at the same time. I might see what thats all about.
  11. Donkey and I met a chick yesterday who is also leaving for a ride from the RW's at that time, she asked me to ring her on sunday morn to meet up with her...interested Micky? Might be worth scrambling the fighters...

    *And yes, she was cute
  12. Nah . . . .
    Just like drinking, I have to take it in moderation.
  13. some people (blokes) are hopeless, but funny reading....keep it up
  14. AMM hey,
    Sounds like a real good reason to go for a ride.
    Im spewing that i cant make it. Oh well, theres always next time.

  15. . . it has not stopped you before ! :LOL:

    anyway, i'll be there, but most likely on the Aprilia ride !! ;)

    Yeah, I do ride a Duc . . . but, we'll just wait and see on Sunday ! :p
  16. Micky: fickle is not a disabled fiddle...we will talk about this tonight...
  17. Hey Guys, I know a couple of the people who organise the rides for AMM and can vouch for them being great people.

    While I haven't been on a ride with them before I have watched their progress from a few riders on a run to the well organised large group rides they do now.

    I get regular updates from them via email on rides and have contact details.

    While I wont hand them out Im sure I could pass on any info for you if you so wish.

    Alternatively Im sure there is one or two of them lurking on here anyway.