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[NSW] Albury

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 77cb750f1, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. just wanted to let you know of a good ride round Albury NSW.

    lleave albury-wodonga-beachworth-murtylford-mount beauti-up falls creek-down falls creek-across towonga gap-bright-up bufflo-down bufflo-murtylford-yackandanda-wodonga-albury... make sure you start early... cos its gonna be a huge day... cheers...
  2. Another good run from Tawonga gap is to follow the Redbank road up to where it joins the Kiewa-Tallangata road (Murray valley Highway). Follow that out & turn left to Granya -the Granya gap road. Then do the Tintaldra- Corryong leg & back to Albury. Best high speed/twisty mix I have done in a long while. Tire shredding at its best :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. that is a good run, but i always find that the gravel fairies have been up granya... the last two trips to it were bloody shokers, no signs and you go round a corner and GRAVEL!!!!! have had two mates go down in two trips... so i stay away from granya, which is a shame, every year, the first good weekend in spring there is at least two bike accidents a weekend... to unpredictable for me... peace
  4. One of my favourite roads is the Genoa to Mallacouta road, thats partly because my old GF lives down it and partly because its very twisty. :D
  5. well anyone thats commin down/up this way give me a email b4 you get up here and will endevour to catch up.... peace
  6. Re: my best road.

    Oh yeah!! (pale with envy !)...
    Great stuff around there.
    A short but very nice and virtually unknown "gap" is the Lockhard Gap, east/south-east from Tangambalanga into the MittaMitta valley.
    Granya's often very gravelly.