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[NSW]Abursdity of cancelling Rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I'm glad a put aside a WHOLE F%^&ING DAY to sort out changing over rego from NSW to ACT. What a ludicrous horses ass and a right-royal ripoff. Here's the stream of continuous bullshit involved:
    :? Arrange for rego roadworthy in ACT and get vehicle inspected. Have bloke tell you you need new tyres on the car when you know they still have 5000km+ left in them. Fork out couple of hundred more for new tyres.

    :evil: Take old rego, 100 points of ID, proof of residency(what if you've just moved in?), number plates and a phenomenal amount of money into the ACT government office.

    :-w Spend 30 minutes waiting to get served

    :-s Spend 20 minutes at the counter while they try to get their system to accept your details

    :---) Ring the RTA to find out how to cancel the rego. They tell you to just go into the Queanbeyan motor registry with proof of ID, the new rego and the number plate surrender receipt. CTP is different so they say just ring your insurer and they will cancel it.

    :censored: Ring the insurer who tells you they need a SIGNED letter(FFS, this the 21st century!) from the RTA to confirm cancellation - proof of CTP on new registration is not good enough!

    :-w Go to the RTA and spend another 30 minutes waiting.

    :butt: Hand over all the paperwork, get the signed letter and then find out they are bending you over the counter and screwing you on the refund. For bikes, the Registration Fee is NOT refundable. But the motor vehicle tax is. So take the $48 tax, divide by 8/12ths for the number of months left, take off the $20 cancellation fee and for a rego that wasn't even half done I get a grand total of $3 refund! It would have been interesting if I had a month or two less left on the rego because despite having almost half the time left to go I could have wound up owing them money to cancel it. And if I refused to pay that then I couldn't get my refund on CTP!

    ](*,) With a SIGNED cancellation letter now in hand, I ring the insurer back and the start cancelling the CTP. During which they check the database to make sure the RTA records electronically indicate the rego was cancelled. What was the point of the f%^&ing SIGNED letter then!!!!

    :butt: They also bend you over and screw you because your MCIS levy(all $150-200 worth) is also NON-refundable and what's left they refund but only after they ALSO take off a $20 refund fee!

    Now times all this by 3 because I have a car and two bikes! And you don't have the option of not changing rego over because it is illegal to not change over after 3 months. The Police can AND DO book people for it. There is about a 25 mile exclusion zone around my place at the moment because I am a very angry man right now. F^&* you Iemma and all of your NSW beaurocratic money-grubbing bullshit. I'm so glad to be finally free of your clutches.
    :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored:
  2. Hey, it's not that bad! :roll:
    It's a lot like the Mafia, living in Iemma's dodgey jobs for mediterranean mates state (yes, go look at his cabinet, all old mates and looks like a Mafia convention), you are fine as long as you are here playing the game, but when you leave, they'll get you.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Would have told him to go F*ck himself if he were trying to swindle some tyres.

    Also, congratulations to becoming one step closer to being a melbournite....

    Just don't race to get here... :LOL:

    And, more importantly, what did you do with your $3?
  4. Well luckily they were able to combine that $3 from one bike with the refund of $7 from the other bike and the refund of about $100 from my car into the one refund check. However, in the fine print on the SIGNED cancellation letter it says that if my refund was less than $6 they would not issue a refund cheque and would hold the money "until you use it for another transaction in your name". HELLO! For many you would only be asking for a refund in the first place because you're not in NSW anymore you diks! What am I going to do. Buy an overpriced RTA map that shows me the fastest road out of NSW!
  5. I did some more sums. Across three vehicles and taking into account the amount of time I had left on each rego and CTP I worked out that of the total CTP and rego I originally paid of about $1650 I should have proportionally been getting back about $880. When I tallied up what I will end up getting back for rego and CTP refunds, I reckon it will be about $390.

    $390 of $880. That is $490 or $56% lost to bullshit cancellation fees and non-refundable rego and CTP items. That is inexcusable.
  6. Or you could have left the vehicles registered in NSW like every other person.
  7. That's-a-me!
  8. Yeah, and hope like hell you don't have an accident, where the police and your insurance will crucify you for having an illegaly registered vehicle. :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. There's ways around it.

    If you've got other licences though, a firearms licence, security licence or something you might be up against some problems.
  10. Should definitely spend the $3 on something to uniquely celebrate your new Canberran status.

    How much fireworks and p0rn can you get for $3???
  11. this story has ACA and todaytongiht all over it :LOL:

    what a joke

    If you wanted to make you 3 dollars go further you could go to macca and buy 12 25 cent cones :grin:
  12. No, no there's not. I've seen people have all sorts of fun when traffic infringements were sent to their RTA "address", they didn;t know, licence suspended etc, just for not paying fines.
    And I have seen insurance companies give someone hell because their garaged address is 500km different to their current mailing address.
    You may think there are ways around it, but when the shit hits the fan, there are not.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I feel your pain. I have had vehicles registered in WA, QLD and now the ACT and it is an absolute horses ass! Its also so damn expensive not only for rego but insurance aswell and I just love how insurers class ACT as NSW as far as theft goes and so on. If it wasn't for work there is no way I would choose to live in the ACT!
  14. Whilst not a big move to Canberra, how much did Defence pay you to move?
  15. I received a "disturbance allowance" which is supposed to cover all manner of costs associated with moving. The amount is based on how many moves I have done. This was my 6th so it was about $980 I think. Of course, I had gone through that in other costs before I even started thinking about changing over rego. Moving my broadband cost $160 alone. Then because they don't cover damage to bikes in transit AND they will only move 1, I had the costs of moving the bikes myself which was 2 trips up and back equalling 1200km. plus the cost of two sets of tie downs plus the cost of the trailer etc etc. I reckon the allowance covered about half of what it cost me.

    The upside is that in one year alone, I will make that back on the difference in insurance between Sydney and Canberra!
  16. In the Army moved from Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Melbourne - Sydney so made OK money in travel and meal allowance + the times they allowed - I'm pretty sure it was four days Brisbane - Melb and two days Melb - Sydney.

    So you there till you retire Gregg :wink:
  17. Damn greg, that sucks. In tassie you just take your plates in and they refund what's left....
  18. Yeah right. I'm sure you would have heard the phrase "requirements of the service" when you were getting bent over and screwed. But hey, I knew this when I signed up so I shouldn't biatch about the ADF too much. But NSW government, that s another matter - assholes.