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NSW ABC2 now

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. They are building boats with bikes.

  2. forgot to mention it is in digital tv.

    channel 22 sydney

  3. Scrapyard Challenge; formulaic English show with more holes in it than a fishing net, but great fun to watch...
  4. Was it just me or did those bikes seem a little to shiny to be in a junkyard ;).
  5. I must have gotten there too late, some other crap is on.
    Hang on a minute; the time's wrong on this forum...
  6. go back to GMT 10 hours in your profile :wink:
  7. I love scraphead challenge.
    I got a mate in the UK who went for an interview thingy the other week, to go on the show. If he gets through, should be aired later this year over their, not sure how far behind we are here though :?
  8. Thank you Hornet. Feel much better now :wink:
  9. And you gained another hour's posting time; a win-win situation!!!
  10. Loved the show. The other day they made some hoovercrafts with junk too.

    Why on earth they don't make those shows in Australia instead of the evergrowing number of stupid reality tv (biggest loser, so you think ...., idol, it takes..., bb, etc)?

  11. Yeah an Aussie version of the show would be good, I'd love to see a Netrider team competing.
  12. ABC2 is showing this sweries monday to Saturday - onw week equals a year.
    Think they are currently up to 2002.

    Rather amazing how key components get found?
    But still clever thinking behind the results.

    Heard that this was the inspiration for the US series - Junkyard wars.