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(NSW)A wierd fishing/riding question

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by davidp1984, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Now, don't laugh at me but I bought 4 fishing rods, they're about 20cm long and extend to about 1m long (so I don't have to use the cage to go fishing).

    Obviously I don't plan on going rock fishing or deep sea fishing with them but would love to go for a nice ride with some mates somewhere that has awesome roads but where I can stop and fish, off a wharf or small river.

    Any suggestions on where to ride/fish.

    *Mods* Don't know where to put this, thought this was the most appropriate section.
  2. Tathra wharf! Great riding roads getting there and back as well.
  3. ..... or anyone of a number of spots round Lake Illawarra, you can fish all morning and then ride up Macquarie Pass for lunch at TFRPS.
  4. Day trip or overnight?

    Ku-ring-gah National Park has some great spots - Bobbin Head, Akuna Bay etc.

    Or up the old Pac Hwy to Gosford and the central coast.

    Overnighter - north or south coast you're spoilt for choice. Or inland You could try your luck for trout in the snowy mountains...

    How are you going to bring your catch home? or are you going to throw them back?
  5. Well I just got some good news from a mate that I am planning the trip with.

    He owns a property up near Orange, so, so far the plan is an awesome ride up Bells Line and then onto his property where we can park the bikes and hitch up a tent right under a tree next to a river full of River Trout.

    Just fishing for ideas (pardon the pun), might be day thing, might be an overnighter, depends where/when. Hoping to make this a semi regular thing.

    As far as catch, assuming that we do catch, probably cook it then and there for a feed or throw it back in. Not going to bother contemplating bringing any back with me because I would rather miss out then have my bike/bags stinking of fish.

    I have to say, I buy many gadgets/toys but have not been this excited in a long time. I just hope that they are decent enough to use.

    Anyways, thanks for all suggestions, but by all means, keep them coming :)
  6. So no one knows of some hidden gems around Sydney to go fishing???
  7. Only fishing I've been doing lately is spearfishing, and the spots don't always match up...

    Best people to ask are local fishing shops, they might not give you the best spots, but generally it'll be a good spot

    (And yes, I do take the speargun and all that on the bike... get some funny looks as it is over a metre long.)
  8. wisemans ferry mate, or do the old pac and stop at hawkesbury river, brooklyn
  9. standard spearing spots in southern sydney are shark island, voodoo or bare island
  10. if you wanted to do an overnighter, as has been mentioned the Snowy Mountains are great. some good spots to fish and some nice roads/scenery to ride.
  11. all you need now is a spear gun some crab nets nets and your got everything to survive.
    Good on ya, sounds like an adventure

    p.s if you had a dirt bike mate i could give you some excellent fishing sports that not even 4wd can get to ...
  12. /wants to see you take your catch home
  13. Can't help you out with any spots, but make sure you take some tin foil with you. ;)
  14. rock fishing ftw. its the motorcycle equivalent in the fishing world
  15. That sounds very Wolf Creek-esque...

    And your Nasho location makes me doubly nervous. :bolt: