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[NSW] A car-less Sydney

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Another idiot think-tank is proposing that all cars be removed from Sydney CBD 'to encourage pedestrians back into the city, and out of underground eateries' :roll:


    Should make the streets nice and clear for some enterprising street-racing for bikes, eh??? :LOL:.

  2. hmm, so i wonder how they propose people living in the CBD get to and from their cars?
  3. Demolish the Cahill Expressway??? :rofl:

    Clover Moore needs to loosen that Dog Collar... that biatch is crazy :evil:
  4. i wouldnt be upset if they demolished sydney all together! people are nice, but the infrastructure sucks!!
  5. clover although some of her proposals are quite good, is incapable of seeing the big picture. her idea, actually jan gehls idea isnt a bad in terms of the city itself, congestion within the city is ridiculous, and from a social planning perspective her proposal makes alot of sense, in theory at least. but like most local councilors she doesnt realise there is a world beyond her own sphere. if she were to do this she would be squarly arse farking no lube all of the poor bastards in sydney (ie the north and south west, north shore to a point and the northern beaches) who dont have anything remotely like decent public transport within their precints, and use their cars to get to work, also what about goods deliveries, disabled access, etc etc etc.

    meanwhile all the toll road operators would be glowing at this proposal because it would increase toll road usage drastically. you live in the south of the city, you need to get to north sydney in your evil obsolete baby maiming whale killing device the motorcar. to do this you have little option but to use the eastern distrubtor, costing you $4.80 for the privelage of being stuck in traffic for 800 metres.

    besides the aim is to reduce traffic on the street and the noise. well that is not going to happen with all the buses and taxis that will still be using the restricted roads.
    ideally a nice proposal, in reality it doesnt acknowledge the fact the rest of sydneys public transport is completely inadequate, nor is that problem going to be solved in the next 100years.
    hopefully frank sartor will realise this give her a good biatch slapping and tell her to stfu and come back to planet earth....
  6. Canberra, FTW!

    For the relatively small amount of time I owned/rode a bike in Sydney it was the best choice I made. I would much prefer public transport for transport to the CBD than a car, of course it was easy since public transport was readily available from the Marrickville and associated area.
  7. This is what annoys me about Clover. One day she comes out with something that makes sense(such as increased motorcycle parking and/or trialing footpath parking) and the next day she loses the plot! Despite the already limited parking for cars around her council area, they have now started specifically marking out parking spaces purely for the car-share vehicles. So if these spots happen to be out the front of your place and you own your own car, you aren't allowed to park it in the spot out the front. Even AFTER you have paid a premium to the council for a residents parking permit! This is just wrong.
  8. I can understand where she's coming from.

    *Ducks back into trench*
  9. jeebus christ you lot. The plan (which was put forward by ms gehls and not ms moore) calls for locking cars out of a handfull of streets in the CBD and leaving them for bus lanes and presumably truck deliveries and garbage removal.

    Nowhere does it state that they are going to put a wall around greater sydney and drop the portcullis whenever a car looms on the horizon!
  10. Im all for it! we should have all public cars only banned from the CBD and have a permits for all residents work trucks and delivery/courier vans etc.
    all parking should be turned into 1hr loading zones and motorcycle parking.
  11. i think it is a brilliant idea. One that would need to be executed as part of a greater vision sure, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a good idea.
  12. Does this mean we can build more Monorails in Syd CBD??
  13. sure why not we could have elephant rides too right down george st. :roll:
  14. Sorry, I thought we were talking about useless transport ideas for sydney :wink:
  15. You would, hippy anarchist.
  16. Sydney monorails useless? I've sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and by gum, it put them on the map!

    Btw, How long until you guys get footpath parking? :D

    (I just had to put in a stimpsons quote)