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NSW: 7 dirt bikes stolen from Yallah

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gco0307, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Just thought I would post this up for all to keep an eye out.

    K&D Motorcycles at Yallah were broken into overnight and 7 customer dirtbikes have been stolen. The stolen bikes are:-

    2009 Kawasaki KX450
    2009 Yamaha WR450
    2008 Yamaha WR450
    2006 Yamaha WR450
    2002 Honda CR125
    1998 Kawasaki KX125
    2000 KTM 300EXC

    The breakin occurred approximately 10:30pm last night (Tuesday 8/9/2009).

    Dallas will be emailing me a list of further individual bike details at a later time (although hoping today) and the post will be updated.

    Again, these were customer bikes which were there for services etc so please do keep an eye out.

    Also, this was a targetted job as road bikes were moved out of teh way (including one vintage bike) and these incurred slight damage whilst the thives accessed and removed the targetted bikes.

    Please keep an eye out and any information please call Lake Illawarra Police on 02 4295 2699 or K&D on 02 4257 4288

  2. 6 or so dirt bikes we're nicked 3 or so weeks back in the same sort of way from southern highlands motorcycles in mittagong, also another post here mentioned exactly the same in penrith, there is obviously a organied group targeting dirt bikes around the sydney outskirts :evil:
    If they are organised, i doubt the bikes will be seen again unfortunately. the mittagong 1 though was at least all brand new stock not customers bikes at least, Hope the bastards are caught :evil:
  3. just can't trust those dirt bike people, can you? :LOL:
  4. what happens in that case?
    is it leave you bike there at your own risk? or do the shop have to fork out and get them new bikes?
    surely they would be covered on the shops insurance policy? just wasnt sure as they are not the shops bikes but the customers

  5. wow. I didnt know there was more to yallah than a couple of cows and pigs.

    but seriously. im sure they will be caught eventually. these people never know when to stop, and there arent to many bike stores around.
  6. anyone got an answer for this? good question...!
  7. Probably wrong so am sure that will be different opinions but my understanding is that you leave your bike at the premises at your own risk - thus, the business insurance does not cover theft of items that are not theirs.

    But, if you have your bike insured thence the theft should be covered by that insurance and I would expect that the insurance company would then seek reimbursement from teh business insurer.

    If you were uninsured, then the simple answer woudl be bad luck and you woudl need to take civil action against the business to recoup the loss.

    This does not take into account any good will of the business as they may well try to assist in whatever ways possible for any uninsured bikes.

    So, please correct what is wrong - the above was stated to me many years ago by another bike dealer who had a few bikes stolen in a ramraid.

  8. bastardo! :evil:
  9. Thanks for the link and will do once I can get the serial/vin details etc.

  10. If the bikes were damaged beyond repair whilst in their possession they would have to replace them. So why not if they were stolen? (maybe i watch too much judge Judy)