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[NSW] 4 Ferries Learners Ride, Sat Nov 24th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mickyb

    Just before the silly season starts, the plan for this ride is to do all 4 river Ferry crossings in the greater Sydney Metro area.

    1. Sackville
    2. Wisemans
    3. Webbs Creek
    4. Berowra Waters

    Mix of open country roads and twisties taken at a LEARNERS pace.
    And watch out for the cripple ! :p

    Meet at McGraths Hills Maccas at 9am.

    Lunch at Road...

    ... more

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  2. let me get this right..... is that 8 1/2 weeks notice???
  3. not enough???? :rofl:
  4. You going to lead this ride Micky on your new bike?
  5. Your the man, micky :LOL: (now dont go outside or your tickets will fly :LOL: )

    It a saturday ride, about time. :p
    Count me and mr maggo in.

    Already marked on calendar :LOL:

    Cheers Lou
  6. 130km, beauty!!
    and Ms Supernego will have a full license by then so she can tag along.. :shock:
    :moped: MR---Supernego---MS :biker:
  7. Anyone got a map ,I got know idea where this ride goes :)
  8. You got nothing to worry about Brett !
    Like those Ferry ramps aren't that steep and slippery ! :LOL:

    You get a Boy Scout like patch when you pass over all Ferries in a day !
  9. Hmmm well if I haven't sold my bike by then, in.

    Leading us in the Fiat Micky? :D
  10. nah, hopefully its my return to riding on the VTR again.

    Unless a demo MP3_400 at a good price comes along ! :eek:
    (gets Tony excited) lol
  11. ehh, sorry to be a party pooper, but this is on the same weekend as the three points ride. btw paul is it still on? i havent noticed any updates???
  12. :roll: :roll: i love this place :cool:
  13. Ummmmmmm sorry to dissapoint you, but isn't the 3 point ride classed as a T2 ride, alittle bit more than learners. :? :grin:
    Cheers Lou
  14. yeah BUT I WANNA DO BOTH SO WAAHHHHH :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  15. Three Points Ride is still on, but as noted, it's not really a Learner-friendly effort. I'd recommend that all Learners and Provisionals do this ride, and also read the current thread about Learner Rides.
  16. Wow, triple post, go Kim :LOL:

    Ah, we were talking about this while you still had the duc (among other things :oops: ) Though you should probably plan the roads out a bit more. I know you wanted to do River road because you said it looked twisty, but for a learners run it wouldn't be good at all. Half of it is dirt, with pot holes, gravel and tight, blind 90 degree corners.... not at all good for a learners run, and not enjoyable at all (can ask BRD007 aswell :wink: ) From memory this road can be avoided, but just giving you some warning incase you were planning it.

    Now after all that, you can count me in. Ferry's are fun to ride and a good place to socialise :cool:
  17. omg so far away
    remind me later in 2 months time