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[NSW] 300 Movie, Fri Apr 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: smeghead

    Time for a Movie night.

    "300" at Fox Studios, 7pm

    Then ride afterwards.
    Free parking out front.

    See you there !

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  2. smeghead . . . :LOL:

    I shall see you there !
  3. Boo I already saw that. Have fun!
  4. +1 not bad though its making a killing at box office 167m usd +
  5. the smeghead will be there!
  6. oh cool i have been meaning to see this, i'll come for the movie, but still no riding for me :?
  7. i won't make it :( sorry guys, going on recce run with matchstick!

    hurry up and get a bike t!!
  8. AW dudes - I work at fox but dont have my bike today, also have a date with the girl tonight and already saw 300 (which is ace ) but other than these three things would have been there for sure !

    Next Time !

  9. Its canned owen.
    Looks like everyone has dates tonight ! ;)
  10. after trying not even too look at anything to do with bikes for a while I'm itching for something now, gonna go do some riding in tassie in a month and when i get back buying time :grin:.. i think I'll have fun with something like a DRZ400E

    bummer, netriders are a popular bunch with the ladies though :LOL: