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[NSW] 3 Ferry run, Old Pac, Wisemans to Windsor, Sat Jul 4th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Goz

    Gday peeps..

    From the people of Sunday learner sessions @ Homebush

    The T.I.T.I crew are doing it again

    This time it will be a bit more twisty than the last Wisemans run..

    Here are all the details..

    Saturday 4th July 2009 (no fire...

    ... more

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  2. Fi is raring to go .. whats the goz-cast :grin:
  3. I'm in for this.

  5. This thread has been moved back , so if anyone is intending to go , please say so , as to get an idea of numbers.

    Updated list:

    Jeworge ??
  6. count me in.
  7. Good, i want to see how that new bike of yours performs :)
  8. 4th of July. Lock me in Eddie.
    Speed tripple.... Nicehhhh.
  9. Another one here, weather pending.

  10. I'll try to make this one, good chance I'll pike out again if it's raining though.
  11. I finish work early that morning so it really depends how buggered I am straight after. Put me down as a maybe, although I've really been wanting to get back out there.
  12. I'll be there. I dont mind a bit of drizzle, but if its miserable I'll be piking out.
  13. Im at work and finally saw this ride is on....just checked my roster and Im off yay!!!!!!!

    Lock me in Goz :grin:
  14. the numbers are looking good so far, should be a great day weather permitting..

    for those of you who havnt seen the actual run on google maps, here it is

  15. its getting close ever day goz
    i am in for this one
  16. ohh i can't wait..

    Also for those people who are a bit worried about the cold, the trick is, wear a 1 piece or 2 piece wet suit that dosnt breath and i guarantee, you will not feel a thing, also wear a neck warmer, the more u keep any wind out the hotter its going to be..

    I bought a 2 piece wet gear suit from SuperCheap, gives u jacket, pants, glove and boot protectors all for 60 bux, cheap
  17. Hey goz you still wear the green g string
  18. nah man, the mankini had skid marks that where unwashable :LOL:
  19. Checked the map out Goz looks like a fantastic ride can't wait!!!!!!!