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[NSW] 3.7.10 Putty Road - 2 Highway Patrol cars

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Prawns, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. as per title, 2 highway patrol cars on "operation" on putty road today - just heard on scanner (might help somebody who was planning a arvo run I guess not much notice)

  2. thanks for the warning, Prawns. champ
  3. firstly, not to smart to advertise you have a scanner now that police gone digital encripted. Secondly, how did you get your hands on a scanner that can scan police channels? They went digital a few years back...
  4. rural cops still on the old system
  5. scanners arnt illegal and yep, its a older rural channel (newcastle itself is digital but the lower hunter channel i listen to on 78.485 is all normal analogue and does a area from hexhamish to taree and west out to singletonish)

    I also get the police channel for around wagga wagga/deneliquin etc area reliably here too believe it or not, must be some link frequency from gan gan repeater maybe
  6. yeh I know scanners aren't illegal but I think breaking through the cops digital encryption may be.
  7. it might be considered hacking to do that I guess? Im betting they wouldnt appreciate the attempt regardless lols

    Its all good here tho, all above board using a old analogue bearcat 9000xlt that doesnt even do trunking lol - was a $500 scanner in the day, but that days looong gone now lol

    I thought it was just really Sydney and Newcastle that are digital encrypted only sofar in NSW? (i thought anyway)

    I can confirm the police channel from Taree--->Coffs Harbourish area are also still using the old analogue radios (was up there a couple weeks ago, took the scanner) and also north western NSW still seems fine to listen to (towns I had hardly heard of way out west nsw - I didnt really listen much tho as I wasnt in that area) and Im guesing Southern NSW around Wagga is also still analogue as I can hear them "in the clear" here also but maybe thats some wierd link frequency from gan gan repeater doing that

    just for anybodys info - around the port stephens area police can be heard on:
    Lower hunter Cops (Everything East of Taree---->Singleton, north of hexham)
    78.485 / 78.310 / 78.300
    Wagga Area Cops (more stuff happens but its onwhere near here)
    78.900 / 78.810