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(nsw) 2012 hyosung gt650r

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Johnrhys, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Stolen from out the front of my mates house around 8:50ish Reported to police and insurance company

    Campbelltown, Sydney, New South Whales

    Make: Hyosung
    Model: GTR-EFi
    Year: 2012
    CC: 650
    Number Plat: OMN14

    Would be great if the thief was brought to justice
  2. Yeah but now he can use the insurance money to go buy a real bike, sorry poor joke.
  3. Out of curiosity was that AM or PM?

    Although either way that's still a pretty brazen theft, so here's hoping your insurance pays out and the thief winds up as a squishy spot under a truck.
  4. Surely you could catch up to the thief on foot? Hyosungs don't usually venture far from home or the mechanics.

    On a more positive note it's good to hear you have insurance, it seems to be something few and far between reading through these stolen bike threads. Good luck with your recovery!
  5. Insurance should pay out just put a deposit on a CB400 vtec :) haha
  6. That's pretty keen. Don't get your heart too set on a new bike in case the Hyo turns up! Don't want to be too disappointed getting it back!
  7. it wont show up police have told me its been taken by a group been investigated by the police for the past year the bikes never show up.
  8. Ah, the ol' too hard basket.

  9. exactly oh and heres a photo of the bastard if you guys want to see

  10. Aww, damnit, that sucks..

    Ahh, so he wouldn't have gotten very far then.

    /hah, sorry, had to
    //ex-hyo owner
  11. no i agree hyo are horrible bikes :\

    Its why i bought a honda hahaha and my assumption it was wheeled into a van or truck etc. then taken :\
  12. Bike found - photos uploaded of it soon

    Been crashed at low speeds,
    Yoshi exhaust gone,
    Wiring cut .
  13. Bugger - hopefully you still get paid out.....

    The best kind of Hyo is a stolen one.....
  14. they payed me out already hahaha :p the bike isnt mind anymore its there problem lol
  15. Thanks god.
  16. Who would steal a Hyosung? Clearly not a very ambitious thief.
  17. maybe a mechanic in training, looking for experience?
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  18. the hyundai excell was the number one stolen car a few years ago
  19. A new Hyosung? A smart thief really. They're well known for being unreliable things at the best of times, what do you think a thief would do with all the brand new parts off a new Hyosung? There's more of a market for parts on a crappy unreliable bike, than that of a well built reliable one.