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[NSW] 2008 Camp Quality Pillion Ride for Smiles, Sat Feb 9th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Garry Oliver

    When: Saturday 9th February 2008

    Where: Stanwell Park

    Meet Point: Golf Driving Range at the roundabout, corner of Old Princes Highway and Lawrence Hargraves Drive, leaving at 13:00 for the conference centre.

    This years ride will be run ...

    ... more

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  2. Hmmmk, I won't be going then. Since they only have approx 65 who need a pillion, no point being there if I can't pillion.

    I was under the impression that they wanted as many riders as possible as it was great fun for the kids having a huge entourage.. Oh well.

  3. Numbers are restricted due to a request from Camp Quality and also due to requests received from local authorities.

    The camp this year is smaller and only around 65 people will be requiring pillions which with the requests to limit numbers has led to the decisions which have not been taken lightly.

    Given that there can be no guarantees that anyone will get a pillion it is unfortunate that you feel that way but it is of course your choice and prerogative.

  4. What I mean is that since I can't pillion, I can't really go. The 100 spots should all be those who can pillion, so that there can be choice.
  5. I'll donate $20 to a fund to get the local authorities a big old box of donuts so they can sit around turning blind eyes if that helps.
  6. +1 :( Would have loved to come to see and help, but am on L's so no pillioning = someone else would be better off being part of the 100
  7. Yes, how dare we try to make sick kids happy! :grin:

    Police aren't relevant, but if CQ don't want too many numbers for whatever reasons (ie. creates too much commotion, too hard to organise, etc.) thats all that matters.

  8. Not really.

    While we need 65 to pillion, riders who can't pillion are very welcome as they are still more than required to cause those traffic hassles ( :grin: ), take pics or just enjoy it as they all contribute.

    From my perspective we will not be 'turning away' any riders that have completed forms as that just is not the right thing to be done as this is for the kids.

    The number of 100 was just a number chosen, if we get 105 completed forms then we get 105 attendees but we are trying to work within what has been requested by the Camp (moreso than the authorities)

    But we do require that all who wish to attend complete the 'working with kids forms' (no addresses required, just names) as this is now a Govt requirement (forms can be emailed on request).

    We are listening more to CQ in all this and their preference is for smaller numbers due to space and organisation issues.

    Additionally this year we have the local pillion rides as well so they feel the smaller numbers will be easier to manage.

    From my understanding it was not 'authorities of the donut eating variety' that were behind the request.

  9. So are you saying that if you want to come, please come? Last year there must have been 300 bikes or something. Didn't take any offence from it incase you thought that, I was just making the point that its not really fair to go if we're taking away from the available pool of pillioners.

  10. If you wish to come and complete the relevant 'working with kids' forms, come along as that is what we want.

    Being totally honest we do expect that the need to complete the forms (a govt and CQ requirement) will stop many people (when we started handing them out last year many people refused to sign) so we expect the numbers to drop considerably.

    Also, last year we had to cater for an expected 105 pillions so needed bikes and advertised the event very widely. This time we need 65 for pillions and will likely 'reduce' the advertising a bit.

    But again being honest, last year we got far more than we expected, which was fantastic and awe inspiring but very tough to manage.

    In short, come along

  11. I'll be there then. wearing my fluro 'lookame' top, and will try to help with traffic, etc.
  12. Filling out the 'working with kids forms' is mandatory for the safety of the kids involved and is not meant to imply anything.
    I work for the Dept of Education and part of my employment includes filling out these types of forms. So spend a couple of minutes to fill em out for the Kids after all thats what its all about isnt it
  13. Just BUMPING this a little bit.

    As an update we have again been out there seeking donations of good that we can 'raffle' (free of course) for the kids as well as to those bike riders that turn up. To date we have a bit of stuff that will be raffled and some auctioned with all monies going to CQ.

    We also have a few trikes and sidecars coming along and possibly some serious show choppers to view.

    So anyone interested please come along and particpiate as I am sure that those who have been previously can attest, it is heaps of fun.

    If any riders who are interested could please PM me their email address I will forward copies of the relevant 'working with kids' forms that need to be completed.

    Additionally, if anyone has some gear we could borrow please PM me.

  14. Yes another bump.

    If any rider who is attending has extra gear (particularly helmets), please feel free to bring it along.

    As for some of the goods to be auctioned or raffled we have:-

    Vouchers from bike shops
    disk locks
    Car service
    1 x Collectible Harley Davidson tank kit (2006 edition which is 1 part of 3)
    1 x Midweek Skydive for those that like jumping out of planes

    As well as some stuff for the kids.

    At this point (as with last year) we have no idea the number of bikes so if anyone does want to come along, feel free to join us.

  15. Will try to be there Sat NO Promises but so far it looks good