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[NSW] 2 March 08, Old pacific Hway, Putty Road, Windsor

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by nwise, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. hi all,

    Few of us are doing the Old pacific Hway, Wollombi, Broke, Putty Road then Windsor run. Lunch at Wollombi if not too busy.

    All welcome.

    Meeting at Berowra Mobil Station at 9.00am for a 9.30am start.

    My contact is 0405155688

    Hope to see you there.

    (Note we are taking the old pacific hway, not the free way).

    Take care,
  2. im in and a few other mates! :grin:
  3. This sounds cool.
    Anyone coming from the city or close? I'm not sure of the way to berowra
  4. Get on freeway. Keep going. Take the berowra exit, when you come off that you take a right and you're within farting distance of the mobil on the main road.

    I missed out on todays run due to last night, so I might see you guys there tomorrow. I'll be very blue, on a blue SV.
  5. I did this run today, watch out for the freshly sealed road just outside of Wollombi they were sealing it today :shock:. There was 2 inches of loose gravel in places there making for an interesting ride.
  6. i might see you all there 2morrow
  7. anyone want to meet up at thornleigh maccas 8:30ish???
  8. Hmmmmm Putty run again.......nah going for drinkies...have a good day people. If its like today (weather) you will have a ball :grin:
  9. they have sealed that 600 metre stretch of dirt road heading out of wollubi going towards Broke????
  10. No......that stretch is still there........it is (going from Wollombi) after the next (2nd) bridge for about 2 k's.

    It looks lie they have dug up the road and are resealing with fresh slippery gravel/bitumen mix :shock:

    The unsealed part of the road was not a slippery as the new side :shock:
  11. I might see you guys there.
  12. Just be careful of pigeons erupting out of the long grass right on the edge of the road is all I'll say.... Found that out the hard and expensive way yesterday just south of Wollombi. I can't believe hitting a bird could have done that.

    Have a great ride. :grin:
  13. Weather here is $hit so I'll wait for finer skies :)
  14. Bit too wet for me. I got drenched heading towards the bridge and turned back.

    Hope it dries up for you all.
  15. Sorry I miss out this ride ... don't forget to post some photos Nelson... :cool:
  16. Putty Road

    Hope everone enjoy their Putty Run today. Apologies to those we have missed after warriors cafe, my phone gave way along the way and backup phone has no reception in the bush.

    All in all, quite a fun day.

    The day start with dark clouds, cold and drizzling at the meeting point.

    Road was quite slippery towards peats ridge from berowra.

    First stop was kulnura cafe for a quick stop for hot pies and sausage roll to keep warm. Weather started to get worse so they group chilled out for a while and weather cleared so we decided to press on. (RKO finishes the agreed ride there).

    Second stop is Broke for fuel, weather improve along the way and roads dried up. The fun began!!!
    After quick fuel and snack stop at Broke we headed toward half way house for a good stretch before our final leg home.

    Halfway house was the usual where Bikers meet new Bikers. (Great to see a mix of bikes).

    The final leg home, specs pick up a puncture and this is my first lesson on tyre puncture repairs (need to get one of those kits for my next ride).

    Final meeting up at mcgrath hills' mobil servo and farewell our NR buddies.

    Had to be home by 5pm today to go to a friends farewell, so it was quite a rush ride.

    Hope to see you guys again next time.

    Take care,



  17. good ride guys! Putty was dry that is the most important bit. Thanks to all for helping me out with the flat tyre, especially Dekker for lending me his CO2 cartridge. And it was a surprise to bum into Alex aka BoufCatt while i was fixing the tyre :LOL: . I know there was a group of guys who followed the wrong group when we left berowra mobil, I hope u guys are all right.
  18. Thanks for the fun ride guys.

    Coming along was a bit of a last minute decision for me; I made it to the servo at Berowra just as everyone was leaving. Saw RKO and a CBRRRRR with Akropovic that I assumed was ColRR (wrong!), so latched onto their little group.

    Six of us managed to get separated from the main group of Netriders; no-one caught up during our lengthy stop at kulnura, so we pressed on.

    I noticed Nuff's number plate had a distinct tilt to it while following him towards Wollombi. Several kms later, said number plate was seen bouncing along the road and into the grassy verge. I didn't really have time to attract his attention before I would lose track of where it landed, so did a u-turn and spent a couple of minutes poking around in the grass before finding it.

    After a pitstop at Broke, we headed back towards the city. We saw a HWP car sitting at the intersection where you turn onto the Putty Rd, but they seemed more focussed on people already on the Putty, so no dramas for us.

    Thankfully the road had dried up by then, so we could enjoy the Putty to its fullest :grin: . Specs set the pace out front until his rear wheel got a puncture. After he fixed it, we carried on and finished up at Mcgrath's Hill Mobil.

    See y'all next time. :cool:
  19. Yeah there were 3 of us we did the pacific highway with them then turned right onto a closed road. Went to the end of that and back was a good ride. Went back up towards wollombi and stopped at corrugated cafe or something. That's when we realised those guys weren't netrider people so we sat around talking trying to remember where you guys were going for lunch. We decided you had said wollombi and continued there. We got there and had lunch for an hour but still no show from netriders. So we headed out for broke then did the putty and stopped in windsor for ice cream. Was a good day had even though the split up so no drama.
  20. haha i agree dangerfox :p

    Was a good ride even though we got split up hehe hope to see you all next run :)