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[NSW] 1h 23mins ruins a clean slate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gustlik, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. That is all it took for me to get a speeding fine on four wheels.

    I have not driven a car in over 3 1/2 years, before that was my parents car. My sole mode of transport for the past 2 1/2 years has been a bike. Recently I took a well deserved holiday, being the only one with a license out of my useless ~28 year old friends, I rented a car to get us to our destination.

    Just got a letter from Thriffty with a $50 charge for administration fees of them having to process a speeding fine.
    I am yet to recieve the actual speeding fine letter.
    Over 10 years of having my license and no infringements, runied.

    I feel a little jibbed. Awareness of what is around us is what keeps us safe, not an x km/h number.
    Steping into a car with the lessons you learn as a rider; does a number make you safe or the buffer zones you place around yourself?

    By the time of the speeding fine listed on the Thriffty letter I am guessing it would have happened on the Pacific Highway (Syd, Chatswood - Hornsby stretch) on a saturday. Would not have been by much. Under 10km/h over. For a saturday there was a fair bit of traffic, and having been away form a car for a while I was not one for changing lanes and rushing.

    Was kind of slightly weird driving a car. It was like riding a bike as a little kid and then going back to it as an adult after a long hitatus.
    The ingrained knowledge was there, but it just felt strange. The mind telling you one thing the body wanting to do another. Your foot wondering why the hand is not doing the accelerating. The hand wondering why the foot has taken over the braking.
  2. Saturday is 'augment the public coffers' day. Anyone who cannot maintain complete concentration on their speedometer for the duration of their journey is considered a benefactor. Thankyou for your continued support. :wink:
  3. You'll need to put a state [NSW] in your title, or it may be removed by mods.

    Try writing a letter, 10 years is a long time so you might get away with it: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=49956

    Oh also, its 'gypped', based on what 'Gypsies' are known to apparently do :p
  4. Definitive proof that Hyosungs cannot break the law :LOL:

    Just kidding, but consider yourself lucky you didn't kill any children or kittens with blatant disregard for human life. Not that human life couldn't be trimmed around the edges slightly... :grin:

    I would be very sus of a hire car company laying the blame, I wouldn't pay anything until you had seen the fine.
  5. I did have the car at the listed date and time on the letter.

    You do not get an option of not paying, they drag it straight out of your account whith the details you provide when renting the car.
    The $50 charge reached me before the letter.
  6. "They" being the government/police, or the rental company?
    Are you referring to the $50 fee or the speeding fine?

    A friend of mine who works for a car rental company commented that it's not unknown for them to pass on employee infringements to past customers. Check the date and time carefully when you get the infringement notice.

    Welcome to the milking shed :wink:
  7. They being the rental company, Thriffty.
    The $50 fee is only a processing fee, for them recieving the speeding ticket, then having to figure out who had the car at the time. Still waiting on the Speeding Fine letter from the Police.

    Do they come with the image nowdays? A photo of you committing the offense?
  8. Forgot you had a number plate on the front too did ya?

    I dunno how you guys manage to get speed camera fines in NSW, there's three big signs telling you "HELLOOOOO, SPEEEEED CAMERAAAA!"
  9. Dunno about NSW. In Vic you have to request it.
  10. The car rental company have told you a time & date which corresponds to the time & date you hired the car, no surprises there. Make sure you sight the letter from the police.
  11. Only the fixed variety.

    Occasionally the cops set up sneaky ones.
  12. Yeah but the number of people i've seen done by fixed speed cameras is amazing!! How ANYONE can be done by those with the 3-4 signs beforehand is beyond me???
  13. Yes there are multiple signs, and I know the locations of the cameras. Roads I commonly use. Don't think it was a stationary.

    I think the issue was the absence of driving for a long time period of time. Then getting into a car and having a faulty perception of speed. Subconsciously judging speed by the inputs I was not receiving; wind, crotch vibration, rev sound.
  14. the mobile cameras are out of action at present and have been for a while.
    this came to light after a FOI request from everyone's mate Scruby.
  15. well the lasers arnt got one yesterday :(
  16. If you have a clean record for 10 years write an appeal asking them to reconsider considering the minor offense + clean record and they will let you off.
  17. If a picture was taken of the alleged offence the infringement notice you'll be sent will have a web page at the State Debt Recovery Office listed where you can key in the infringement number and see the picture/s. As has been stated, based on your clean driving record, write a letter to the SDRO asking for leniency and you'll probably be let off with a caution, especially considering it was also a minor traffic offense.