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[NSW] 14/11 Mortons coffee night - "gegvasco farewell", Wed

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. [NSW] 14/11 Mortons coffee night - "gegvasco farewell", Wed

    Added to Calendar by: BrendanN

    The big fella is moving on.

    Wednesday 14/11/07.
    Mortons Hotel, Sussex St, The Rocks . . say around 6:30-7pm.

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  2. BTW, Jaqhama said he can't come !
  3. I see his good mate Brendan posted this up. Will he be handing out free rider training vouchers on the night? :wink:
    I'll be there
    Shame about Jaq :grin:
  4. What! Jaq's not coming. Well then I'm not either. :LOL:

    May be a little late depending on how soon I can get back from meetings in Newcastle that day. I'll have to walk there after going home so I can get on the piss.

    As for Brendan and his rider training, should have seen the disappointed/disgusted looks at the stand at the bike show when people asked what our rider training was about only to find out they had to be in Defence to take advantage of it!
  5. Hey I'm in the Australian Defence Credit Union, does that qualify me? :p
  6. Bugger, working! :'(
  7. I will be there. Love the cheap feed, and Greg of course, except the love bit. :grin:
  8. Isn't there a Northern meet on ?
    If so we thought of moving it there.

    If not, Mortons it still is !
  9. Happy to go wherever.
  10. Northern meet moving to Moreton's at this stage! Woot!
  11. Good news, I like the food at Moretons too :grin:
  12. okay, Moretons it still is !