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(NSW) 125cc Automatic Motorcycle Licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TAX123, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Who has got one of these licenses, my guess is not too many people, the RTA looks like they made a license that nobody really wants or uses, a kind of failure legislation, if however it would be easier to obtain this license, more would have one, but to get one you have to do the 2 days pre learner courses pay and pass , then go for your L computer test and pass then pay some more, then book in the most test pay and pass, then you get this restricted license that lets you only ride an auto motorbike up to 125 cc.
    if however you do the provisional course ( which is basically training for the most test) which gets you familiar with the course and the instructor and the others doing the test with you. even if you do the test on a scooter under 125cc you still get a full license to ride anything you like, including a (300kph+) Hayabusa 1300cc, if you hold a gold drivers license, if not you only have a restricted auto license for a year then its unrestricted, however the 125cc license stays there for ever, or until you go and do the course ( i wonder if you have to do the test again, or just practice for the test you already did and passed) then you get your full license, this whole thing sounds ridiculous to me, has anyone even done this???

  2. its for chicks and girly men who are scared of a clutch

    BTW i think they raised the limit to 150cc

    but yeah it the same hassle as getting a normal bike license
  3. Dont even think there are any 125cc automatic motorcycles, maybe just scooters, dont know why they say motorcycle on the RTA web site, if its a scooter licence, and why the 125cc cut off, they should just let you ride any automatic bike/scooter if thats what you did your test on
    eg if you do your test on a manual 125cc after a year you can ride a 1300cc manual
    so why if you ride a 125cc auto you are restricted to that size for life, it sounds silly, thats why im intereted to know if anyone even has this type of licence
  4. This seems odd. The 125 automatic motorcycle license is clearly a higher capacity scooter license. Why do they want you to take a course.

    It should be: get L's (with a car license). Do practical test (with no time requirement). Done.
  5. just checked the rta, and they must have raised it again its up to 160cc now

    dont know why they dont just let them do a seperate course to the bikes

    maybe a half day pre learner course instead of the 2 days of mastering friction points and changing down gears when stopping etc pointless

    followed by a half day scooter course which takes them on the open road and then a most type test, then they should get a full automatic scooter licence which has no restrictions, let them ride a 250cc maxi if they like

  6. Isnt it there to allow people who only ever want to ride scooters, the ability to do their license test on an automatic scooter?

    I agree that the 125cc limit is an arbitrary figure, but then so is a 250cc limit for first year motorcyclists. Bureaucrats love rules and regulations.

    But anyway, what does it matter?

    edit - I also note that the RTA website mentions that it is 160cc or less not 125.
  7. there isn't anything stopping you from doing your bike test on a 50cc scooter. Perhaps the "automatic" flag on your license doesn't make sense for bikes because the behaviour of the vehicle is much different (a car still has the brake pedal in the same place for an auto or manual - a bike doesn't). So instead of a bike license that says 'automatic only', you get a flag that says 160cc auto. This would account for the lower speeds and lower road sense of all small scooter riders, given that the larger scooter riders (properly) do the full provisional training course as well.

  8. sorry had trouble understanding you, what about ther people who want to ride larger scooters, thats my point, why should they have to learn about friction points and gear changing when they dont use that, classing scooters under a limit, and the rest of them over the limit as manual bikes doesnt make sence, my idea is to scrap the whole mess that the RTA made about scooters and make a new scooter course as i sugested above

    half day scoot pre learner for L
    half day post learner with road ride and most test for a full scoter licence

    if the rider is small, they have their own choice to pick a 50cc or 125cc
    if they are big let them get a suzuki bergman maxi etc all the scooters are LAMS anyway
  9. it seems to be linked to the provisional training and the road-ride part of the same thing. The guys on the bigger scooters are treated the same way as the unlimited licenses (ie the bikes). I believe there is still an automatic thing on your license if you don't do the MOST test on a manual bike. THe difference is that someone in the licensing bureau probably believes that the smaller scooters are more or less like bicycles - ie won't be used on more than 60km/h roads, and the larger scooters are more like motorcycles (used anywhere).

    Much of the MOST test is related to low speed maneouvre - the bigger and heavier the vehicle, the more training and practice you usually need - many more people are happier doing a u-turn or cone weave on a 50cc scooter than a goldwing for example.

    FOr that reason, it makes sense to separate the small scooters from all the rest. The on-road training and feedback in the provisional course that is missing from the small scooter license is the worrying bit.
  10. I also dont agree with 50cc scooter licences for car drivers who have no idea how to ride bikes, maybe they could introduce this 50cc class licence for car drivers in NSW, but make them at least do the half day scooter pre learner to get a 50cc scooter class on their licence, if they want to ride anything bigger they will have to do the post learner scooter course.
    This will also stop the people doing the provisionals test on a scooter and then after a year they get a full motorcycle licence, ive seen some people with full riders who dont have a clue about riding a manual bike.
    If a scooter rider wants a R licence they should have to do a post learner course and most on a manual bike, very simple
  11. where do you live?

    You need a bike license in nsw to ride any 2 wheeled thing with more than 200W. Car only drivers need not apply.

    Much of the auto-only thing is in regard to learners. If you only learnt/pass test on an auto, it makes sense to restrict you to that while you get more practice about moving around on the road. Once you've got that underway, you can devote more of your attention to learning a new gearbox.

    Remember how much attention you paid to the clutch when you were learning? And how much attention was left to spend on the road and what the other traffic was doing?

    Right - so now you've got a few years experience up, now how much attention to you spend on the clutch and how much on the rest of the traffic around you?

    It is reasonable imo to have all light vehicle automatic licenses lapse after a period of time to reflect this change in your attention/concentration from the vehicle to what is happening outside. In other words, once you are more familiar with how to get around safely on the roads, you can once again go back to spending a little more concentration on making a manual vehicle move, without being a complete learner.
  12. thats why i said

    no need to start from scratch

    but they can learn the manual bike related stuff and prove their clutch control on the most test

    Im from NSW, on the state border with Queensland, which alows car drivers to ride 50cc scooters on a car licence
  13. then you might as well campaign to have car licenses fixed to auto only forever then. The concept doesn't change.

    If you've been riding a scooter for a decade and want to move to a manual gearbox scooter or 125cc motorcycle, there isn't a need to go and do the post learner course. You should already have on board the skills to safely navigate around the roads, as well as do the low speed stuff. That doesn't mean you can't learn anything from revision training, but it doesn't really make sense to make it mandatory to attend a mandatory gov't training centre to change gearbox types for a light vehicle. Very different case for heavy vehicles, but they are much different in many areas.

    It isn't clear from the rta site (where the publications of license classes don't even say anything about the 125/160 auto limit) about whether this stays in force over time or if it becomes an open license over time. Either way, learner training is mostly about fitting in with traffic around you and not getting killed.

    Whether you upgrade to a manual gearbox scooter or even a 600cc bike after a few years is not any different to the car auto-licenses and power restrictions on learners that already apply to cars.(http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/publicationsstatisticsforms/downloads/45071143.pdf).

    Getting a license is about demonstrating a minimum level of competence, not a maximum. Just because you move from an automatic gearbox to a manual doesn't mean you lose all the other driver skills you've already aquired
  14. Hi
    Could I get some clarification on the license restrictions.

    Situations is
    My wife is over 30 years old, has a gold car license, did her l's course on a 125cc auto scooter, did the Provisional course and MOST test on the same scooter.

    What restrictions should she have on the full (black) licence ?
  15. well if she has already passed the L test provs course and (MOST) on a scooter (regardless of size) she should have her normal car licence with class C,R with no restrictions appart from not being able to pillion for 12 months

    this loophole will closes in JUNE 2009,If she did the MOST only on a 160cc or less she would be restricted to an AUtomatic 160cc or less restriction forever. the new law is if you do your P course and MOST on a scooter you will be restricted to Auto only for 3 years unless your over 25 then you will have Auto only for 12 months, the you can ride what you like after the P period.
  16. If I remember rightly in the UK Auto Licences stay that way forever. At one stage they were getting very difficult to get as if you didn't have the coordination to drive a manual then they didn't really want you on the road. They almost became available to registered disabled only...
  19. I just checked, it has "auto motor bike only not exceed 160ml eng cap"
  20. Did she do the pre provisional course ? or just the MOST ?
    if she did the MOST only she would have the restriction you say "auto motor bike only not exceed 160ml eng cap"
    to have that condition removed she has to have the pre provisional course signed on the pink paper she got from the course provider BTW where did she do the course?
    if she did the whole course prior to the MOST including the road ride it would be signed and she would have no condition on her licence, the RTA made a mistake, have a look at the pink paper or did the RTA keep it?
    unfortunatly the condition you state will be on her licence forever, go to the course provider or the RTA and let them know of the mistake, if you wait till after JUNE she will have to go on P's with auto for a year after she completes the provisional course, not sure if she has to do the test again.