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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ReDGe, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Very new to riding just got my leaners so don't know much bout bikes. My mate owned a MC28 and that looked sweet, my questions are
    1. What's the difference between MC21 and MC28 performance, safety etc... and is there are major difference between PGM III & PGM IV
    2. What is PGM if anyone can explain it for me,
    3. I have heard from mates that digital speedos aint the way to go coz its analogue is much easier to read when riding is this true?
    4. Should I be lookin at MC21s or should I wait till a MC28 is available to buy ?
    5. What is a reasonable price for either models if they have done around 30K km.
    5. Should I also be lookin at the TZR250 and RGV250?
    6. Would I also be able to learn to self maintain the bike, I've been told that 2 stroke bikes need more care but are much easier to maintain yourself compared to a 4 stroke bike is this also true?
    7. Do mods to a bike lower the price of the bike like car mods do?

    sorry bout all the questions and the large post but I just wanna get my facts right before buying. Thanks for the help
  2. Welcome. Nice question.:shock:

    1 - 7
    2 - better
    3 - same
    4 - True
    5 - Yes
    6 - Whatever you are happy with
    7 - Yes
    8 - Not really
    9 - No
    No worries.

    Now take a breath and count to 10.
  3. thanks for the reply but i think you just tripped me out more but you did give me a good idea to make my first post easier to answer I hope
  4. a 4 stroke will only be more of a pain if something goes BADLY wrong. as a general rule, you'll get 100,000 kms + before a rebuild if its been looked after, but a 2 stroker needs a freshen every 10,000-15,000 ish i beleive. but yeah, much easier/cheaper to rebuild a 2 stroke than a 4 stroke, just has to be done more often with a 2 stroke....

    sounds like your a bit of a performance junkie, take it easy getting into it at this time of the year on a machine like that :wink:
  5. i dont mind the extra work, actually lookin forward to learnin how to do it just hope it aint too complicated for me...so it is possible to rebuild on your own if ya got the tools, time and knowledge? yea sorta a performance junkie in the way that i wana get the most outa the bike and i find cornering to be much more fun than straight line speed, aint planing to start riding the bike properly until after winter, just gona keep it in the garage and ride it around the block once in a while so the battery doesnt go flat
  6. i have a 93 mc21 if you wanna buy it. Wet clutch. rothmans rep.
    mc21& mc very similar the mc28 is newer
    same with pgm (engine management)
    Correcto about the speedos.
    mc28 is more collectable (in good nic) otherwise get a 21
    $3-$6k (Depends on condition)
    Go the NSR if thats what you want. But the others are good bikes aswell But the NSR is the pick IMHO (unless you want an aprillia)
    Depends on the mod.... Original pipes are a plus, So are braided lines/ suspension upgrades
  7. is that the se model? and how much?
    ohh so pgm is engine management, thought it had something to do with the suspension
    nar my mate has an aprilla looks nice but prices for parts etc are expensive and pretty pricey to maintain thats what he told me anyway, i prefer honda and then when im ready to upgrade ill goto the cbr600rr or maybe f4i, i got this brand loyalty thing, if i get a honda as my first bike ill stay with em for life same with yamaha etc :)
  8. Redge.. in answer to your questions

  9. He asked 7 questions....which doesnt include the q5 twice and you gave him 9 answers....impressive :p
  10. thanks for the replies all the info will help me greatly