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NSW NSR250 SE/SP MC21 or MC28

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Boshy, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. Afternoon team,

    I am struggling to find a hot little NSR250, SE or SP preferred 91 mod and up, so MC21 or MC28. My first bike was a 93 SE with the dry clutch. I am a big fan of the dry clutch but cant afford to buy the Duke I would like. I really like the single swing-arm look also, especially on the little stroker. I am finding they are very difficult to find for sale so I assuming once they have been purchased they are held onto. I would really like one to modify and upgrade as I see fit, the whole works, but need the canvas to start my masterpiece. I have had a couple of 1000cc's and they have proven to get me into trouble too often. So back to the little guy, I am only 65kg so works well for me. Love the smell of Motul burning with the premium.

    If anybody can help me find a canvas I would be greatly appreciative, anywhere in Oz as I am willing to travel to see it and ship it back if it is the goods.

    Thanks in advance guys and see you on the flip side.
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    Broaden the horizon, there was also a Yamaha TZR250SP with dry clutch and better suspension..equally as rare as hens teeth

    That said, the Aprilia RS250 is in more plentiful supply with arguably much better frame and suspension than either the Yamaha or the honda, abet without a dry clutch...

    better the sweet smell of 2 stroke and no dry clutch than no smell and no zing in your step...
  3. Well said Mike, the RS250 is on my mind. I am assuming (yes dangerous) that the RS will be a little more expensive to modify/upgrade, engine wise. Clearly some more research is needed from my part. I have several months before I can afford the next weapon so thought I would start the chase now. If I cannot find the NSR I would like then the RS will become a viable option. I am not a TZR fan, after a quick look they appear to be even more rare than the NSR.
  4. You probably won't need to upgrade the rs250 too much. They're a beast, pretty much a race bike with lights. Being newer as stated suspension is sooooo much better. Good luck with the search
  5. I'm with RR on this one...get rid of the stock exhaust, and rejet the carbs to suit the replacements...is about all one 'needs' to do to an RS250 to be used on the road.

    A source for aprilia RS250 bits etc....http://www.pjme.co.uk/

    Biggest problem with finding Japanese 250's of the 80's and early 90's is we trashed so many of them proddy racing.....;)
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  6. Ill keep looking for my old school dream but the Rs is certainly moving closer to the front of my mind.
  7. I've been hunting a 28 for some time and just missed out on one recently. There's a nice one in the showcase section, but maybe not willing to part with it?!
    There are a few 21's around - 1 listed on eBay at the moment. Have found a few hidden around WA and so no doubt the same elsewhere.
    Another option possibly, find a re-registerable frame, bring a complete one in from Japan and swap everything over?:D
  8. I just found the 1 on ebay in Goulburn VIC for $11,000 race ready. I would be able to modify and register such a thing wouldn't I?
  9. Hey guys, the MC21 on ebya I found is in VIC and race ready and therefore the bike is not registerable due to the jap frame.
    Any ideas where I might find a frame in Oz?
    Also, can anyone shed some light as to what else I might need to make it compliant in NSW, besides the obvious indicators/lights etc?
    Will I need a new wiring loom? Will a standard loom for compliance be able to connect up to the race spec bike?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  10. That wasn't the one I was looking at, so it must have gone. It was at about $1500 start.
    The one currently on eBay, is also on Perth Street bikes with a complete build progress report and would not likely find a better example anywhere.
    * Take a look at RGVSpares.com, they have a few examples that could be registered.
    * Send out a request on findapart.com.au (I think) and some wrecker will have one.
    * Put a request out on Gumtree etc and see what you find.
    * Check out import monster for the complete bike, just need to find that frame.
    * Or lower the sights to an 18, which there is one on Gumtree OR being before '89, I think you can import from Japan and register.

    Honestly, an RGV or Aprilia RS250 would be a lot easier to source.

    P.S. I have a 21 in my garage that has had a full engine rebuild etc and is now at the selecting fairings and paint point, that I might be willing to part with for what it has cost me thus far...
  11. Thanks al.ramsay,

    Please elaborate on your MC21 if you desire.
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