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NSR250 Oil queries

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by methanol, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. My brother has a just picked up a '93 NSR with 15,000kms (is that high for a bike like this, will it need a rebuild shortly?), and I'm not too familiar with the 2 strokes. What sort of oil would be best for it, and does it take oil in the sump and the resevoir up top? the oil light is constantly on and I don't really want to ride it until I know what is going on... any advice would be appreciated.

  2. 15000ks is not too bad....ull know when it needs a rebuild as it will begin blowing smoke after its warmed up. You shold comfortably get 30-4000k's before thinking about a rebuild.

    As for oil. When the oil light is on it means ur oil injection tank is low. Thats the plug on the right hand side just below the handle bar tucked up against the frame. It takes 1 litre from nearly empty. I run Castrol TTS in my NSR ( I was running R2 Race but its about $40 a litre). The TTS is a really nice oil. Go get yourself a litre(or 4) of 2 stroke oil eg Castrol TTS, Shell VSX2, Mobile 2T and top up the tank on the right. What ever you do dont run ur bike on optimax. Run it on normal unleaded or Mobil 6000.

    They do take oil in the sump, but this requires changing every blue moon.

    If you want anymore info just ask, I have a 91 model sitting on my balcony :)
  3. Cheers for that, topped up the oil and taken it for ride, runs real sweet, although I did notice one strange noise... Only happens when you disengage the clutch, was wondering if it might be one of the models that came with a dry clutch? Anywho, it's fantastic to ride, my bro is gonna be fighting me off the thing everytime I'm over his place, It's a blissful change compared to the ZZR :D Thanks a lot for your help.
  4. Welcome to Netrider methanol, good to see another rider enjoying the thrills of a 250 stroker :D
    especially an NSR250 ;)

    15,000km is not bad for a 10+YO bike.

    When the red light is on, I thought it meant that your oil injection system is working properly? Turn your ignition on, turn your kill switch to RUN; your oil light will be on, turn your kill switch to OFF; your oil light will beoff. When you kick the bike over the red light should go off.

    I've only ever used Motul 600 2T oil for my NSR (~$80-$90 4ltr bottle). It's critical that you use quality 2T oil for strokers.

    I agree with Cowboy on the Optimax fuel. I prefer BP Ultimate or Mobil 8000. I get about 220kms before I have to switch to reserve.

    Does the clutch start clanging when you pull it in? If so then it's probably a dry clutch model (SE/SP).

    There is an NSR forum with lots of people that can help with NSR questions too: http://www.nsr-world.com

    Enjoy your stroking experience :LOL: