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NSR250 MC21

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by PGMIII, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Can any NSR250 owner shed some light on what kind of brake fluid and coolant should i be using?

    Just purchased a NSR250 MC21...
    Petrol: Running on Mobil 8000
    Oil : Castrol TT

    Previously been riding the NSR150sp for 4 years now so decided it was time to upgrade! Used to run the 150sp with the same oil and petrol so i'm thinking it would also be similar to the NSR250. Would i be correct?

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I use castrol Power-1 Racing TTS in the 2T, good shit. Just any good quality DOT4 brake fluid will be fine too. As for coolant, any quality long life coolant will work a treat.
  3. I run my track NSR on standard 91RON unleaded, cheap coolant from KMart, Castrol TTS ( now rebranded as Power-1 RAcing TTS), and use DOT4 brake fluid. It doesn't have to be bike specific.

    Congrats on the purchase, it's a good bike, but more enjoyable on a track. Have you done the derestriction and GPS wiresplice?

    Have you also checked your gearbox oil?

    I think if you continue using the same two stroke oil that the previous owner used, it'll be much better for crank life.
  4. Yes..
    Just came home and bought the Castrol TTS (gold carton).. Haha.. I have been all over trying to find the Castrol TT high performance but now i know it has been re-branded thas why i couldnt find it.

    To my knowledge.. i don't think the bike is derestricted.. wouldnt know how to get it done either. *sigh*

    The bike is bit old and need some body work done.. front sprocket seems to be leaking oil so might need a mechanic to look at that.

    Anyways.. cheers for the advice!
  5. A derestriction is only needed if you plan to do over 180kph :cool:

    One of the cool tricks that I learnt is to monitor your two stroke oil consumption. Every time you fill up with petrol, top up your two stroke oil. If you are putting in just as much oil as petrol, then you have a leaking 2 stroke pump.

    One of the first checks to do is to check your gearbox oil level! If that is overfilled, then that may be contributing to your front sprocket covered in oil.

    If your gearbox is overpressurised then it is relieving out of the path of least resistance (a poorly installed seal).

    You'll have to stick some photos up of your bike :)

    There is a wealth of information on nsr-world, so google it, sign on and say hi :)
  6. Thanks Mekros!

    Yes you are correct. the previous owner has told me that the front sproket seal is the cause for the leaking and it may take approx $100-$150 to replace one.

    Just topped up the oil yesterday and to my suprise.. the container only fills approx 100 MLs. Was abit surprise because my previous NSR150sp's oil container can almost fill up to 1 litre.. I'm sure i have added the oil in the right place which is the right hand side of the bike. The lid does have writting saying "OIL". Please let me know if i'm wrong because i'm about to ride the bike in 3 hours time to get a blue slip done and dont want to kill myself and go missing from work after my lunch break. ><"

    I'll post photos up but unfortunately yesterday while taking it to the petrol station, the right lower fairing snapped off. Luckily i went back and found the piece on fairing still on the road and not been run over by cars. So photos will come as soon as i fix the fairing.

    Don't think i will de-restrict the machine for now. Maybe in the future! Not experience enough to ride that fast as yet!

    Thanks alot for the advice!
  7. Do you mean the two stroke oil bottle(s)? They are on the right hand side of the frame, in front of the kick starter. There's actually two bottles there, they are linked via a tube, with the inside tank being inside the frame under the tank. No surprise you didn't have to fill it up much, but remember to keep filling it up everytime you stop for fuel :)

    Did you check your gearbox oil level? The dipstick on it is just the shortest tab, got a cross mark on it and looks like it has been snapped off :LOL:

    I think to change that seal it's an expensive job (labour). You have to take out the gearbox to remove that seal/bearing. Thankfully the gearbox is a casette so it will slide out relatively easily.

    Even if you post photos up now in it's current state it will be good to see another NSR here in Aus :)
  8. Yes.. the oil bottles on the right hand side next to the kick-start. Last time i checked i could only find one which lets me fill 100ml. Will try to find the other one.. lol..

    No i havent checked the gearbox oil yet as i dun really know where that is.. but following your advice i'll take a look tomorrow since i have OT today so wont be leaving office till it gets dark..

    Didnt know the seal would be so costly to fix.. damn.. but not jumping into conclusion until i take it to the mechanics. Need the stimulus now!!!

    (Saw your on Jamies forum, too bad its died down over the years)

    Cheers Mekros.
  9. :LOL: don't worry about finding the other one, when you top up the outside one, the inner one will be topped up too, but it's just for information that they have a strange two bottle system.

    Gearbox oil level.....just below the kickstarted is the grey plastic thing. With a drainpan below that, unscrew the dipstick, if all is well, your fluid levels will just touch the dipstick when the bike is level.

    Yeah, unfortunately Jamie's forum is real quiet, most of the users are on NSR-world and on the mailing list. If I had the money, I would love to buy Jamie's NSR, a Rothmans MC28 fully kitted!
  10. Hey Mekros or anyone!

    Are you able to tell me what type of battery I will need to buy for the MC21? Lately i've been having trouble kick starting the bike.
    It takes me like 3 reps of 10 times each (this is because i usually get tired after trying to kick start it after 10 times) before i can get it running.
    Not 100% sure if it is the battery or not but previous owner did say the battery was abit flat.
    Comparing once again with the NSR150sp, the battery was easy to locate by just taking the side fairings off! I've taken a look it seems like a hard job just to get to the battery. Any advice?

  11. the battery is under the seat dude
  12. As ylwgtr said, remove the riders seat (big bolt just behind the tank) and lift up the seat. If you're lucky and the fuse box is still on the battery lid, undo the -ve terminal, flip the lid and then undo the +ve terminal.

    Before you replace the battery, check the voltage on your battery. With the bike off, it should be reading above 12.4V. Anything less than that and it will need a change.

    The battery type is a 4L-BS. If a shop gives you grief over not stocking NSR parts, just tell them you need a battery for an RGV VJ22 (any model between 1991 - 1996) ;)
  13. Thanks for the help guys!
    Mekros good to know you're always around for some detailed advice!
    Anyways, I havent riden the bike in two weeks and just when i was about to go out and buy the instrument to check the voltage of my battery i decided to give it a kickstart. One hit wonder! Ran back in the room grabbed the gear off i went. The bike was very smooth. (I'm guessing its probably coz i havent riden in 2 weeks and jumping back on it gave me such happiness).
    I'm guessing now it may not be the battery and might just need a few things cleaned so getting the bike serviced in 2 weeks time!

    Cheers :wink:
  14. Oil: Motul 710 is mother's milk for these engines I reckon

    Petrol: I find that 95 octane fuel gives me better and smoother performance than some of the full on premium fuels. Let's not get into that bloody discussion though :roll: :LOL: (The bike specifically says 95 octane fuel, so obviously don't run std 91)
  15. So if you had problems with the bike starting and it wasn't the battery, then I would say it was fuel.

    Fuel goes stale, especially in the carby bowls. If you want to keep it in the one kick - start condition, try and take it for a good run atleast twice a week ;)

    Two strokes in general like to have a good run often.
  16. another nsr rider in syd, cool

    remember to let the bike warm up for a bit before fanging it, i usually let it warm up for about a min then ride but keeping revs below 5k rpm

    i wouldnt mind coming to check out your bike, you can have a geeze at mine in its very poor state.
  17. Sounds good! Pm me and we can set a time one day!