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nsr250 help!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dark8, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. hi guys...

    have a couple of issue with my nsr250 wondering if anyone can give me a heads up.

    First of all, its got an electrical problem where the switch block on the left wont operate the low beams. its not the bulbs coz ive checked that. I've bought a new left hand switch block but when connected the bike wont even start. any suggestions?

    2nd...is there anywhere anyone knows to service these bikes for cheap?
  2. My brother had some issues with this. I would firstly pull apart the switch to make sure all the switches are making a good connnection. This was my brother's issue and it was just a matter of slight bending of contacts so that it made a connection. Also not sure but some models of NSR 250 have low beam constantly active while others have a switch?

    Some more info would be needed before you can get some real help here. Post the model ie: MC18 ect. Year of manufacture (not complianced year). Where you live (people might know a good 2 stroke mechanic in your area).

    Also read the sticky at the top "Tips to help us, help you before you post"
    Read that and you will realise why nobody has replied to your post yet. :)
  3. And as for servicing, I would advise that you get to know your bike intimately. Get hands on and do it yourself because these bikes are fairly simple to work on but can be a bit time consuming. So if you take it to a mechanic they are going to charge you a lot of labour for a simple job you could have done yourself if you had half a day.
  4. For servicing u can do it yourself in no time, nothing to it really...

    2xSpark plugs (get NGK iridium, mine loves em)
    <1L of gear oil
    foam airfilter (get a generic foam filter and cut it to size)
    clean and oil ur chain, tension it up

    any further and it gets costly or complicated...

    power valves are expensive to get cleaned, but a hassle to do on your own...so stick with the simple stuff first

    read this site http://www.nsr-world.com/ for alot of good info too