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NSR150SP rebuild, need to open crank case

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Ghost R1der, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Hey all.

    Recently bought a Honda NSR150SP and am doing the top-end engine rebuild myself with a few friends. Have the service manual but am a little lost as to how to properly:

    1. Remove the alternator (seems to be a pin of some kind holding this one in).
    2. Remove the clutch basket (cross-type locknut seems to be stopping us).

    Can anybody offer any experience as to how to remove either of these, is it necessary to remove BOTH sides to get the crank case open to clean it out?? We have to open the bottom-end so as to clean the bits of metal and crap out of there, but as far as I can see, only the alternator must be removed because the bolts holding the block together appear to originate from that (right) side of the engine.

    If i'm wrong, or anybody can offer any experience, please post.

    Ghost R1der
  2. Perhaps I should clarify ....

    the manual basically says you need to remove both the alternator and the clutch ... but is this really necessary?? i can only see bolts under the alternator on the right side of the block that appear to hold the two crankcase halves together. perhaps on the left of the block though, we can't see bolts holding it together because of the gears etc.
  3. I have never split an NSR crankcase but I have split many single cylinder 2 stroke engine cases in my time. If the NSR is similar to the average 2 stroke, then yes, you will have to remove both items to allow the crankcase halves to be drawn off the crankshaft & the gearbox mainshaft (alternator & clutch basket) You should be able to buy a puller for the alternator for round $30. To hold the clutch basket -so you can undo the nut, you either need the proper tool or weld a bit of flat bar to an old metal clutch plate. The nut should have some sort of metal tab folded up against the nut to prevent it from coming loose. A rattle gun is invaluable for doing this type of work as well :grin:
  4. Thanks for the post ... we managed to get it open by taking it to a wrecker :cool: