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Nsr150sp --> nsr175sp

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by NSR Mick, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Don't know if anyone has ever covered it.. but here i go..
    I have an NSR150 and cooked the motor last weekend.. I want to go all out with tweaking the bike. So far i have put bigger carbs, Higher comp piston, Jet kit and ripped out the stock air filter to replace it with a pod filter.. I have not gone with te TYGA pipes yet, but already strugle to keep the front wheel on the ground at lights/ slow corners... Not much at the end of the day, but noticeable..
    My next step is to try bore it out to a 175 or similar. Using the VHM head from TYGA.
    Just wondering if anyone has done anything similar to the NSR motor.
    I am on Green P's in NSW and already know that my bike is not learner-legal.
    But hey.. being the 'responsible motorcycle riders that we all are.. (Blah, blah, blah..'.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. nsr150 is learner legal I am sure.

    If you are struggling to keep the front on the ground out of a corner I'd suggest cornering faster.
  3. Heard of problems with some of the big bore kits specifically heat causing problems around the ports, cylinder distortion caused by thinner cylinder walls....more info and further research would be in order...

    BTW. Tyga pipe over a standard exhaust is a very worthwhile improvement in performance as well as reduced weight.
  4. Lmao. Yeah.. that kinda figures.. I did say 'slower corners' ie: tight hairpins..

    As for the tyga pipes, i might invest in some. Especially if i re-bore it.

    Learner legal issue: The motor is "performance modified," so LEGALLY the bike is no longer "learner legal".. but hey.. nor is the way i ride.. :angel: lol
  5. Performance modified or not, it will still be under 150Kw/tonne
  6. doesn't matter.
  7. meh, keep all the mods internal,
    old man had an rz250 with a 450 top end, couldnt tell the difference till you rode it (or near it) - but this was on his full licence 15 years ago
    and when it wrecks send it too a good workshop for the quote:p
  8. I always wanted a nsr150 but I'm too fat for one it wouldn't go with me on it, had dreams of looking into a cr250/500 conversion, then woke up

    Wonder if it's possible...