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NSR150SP indicator problem n tacho

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by seihoa, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. i just bought a nsr150sp today

    the front indicators are disconnected with the two wires jst sticking out of the indicators.

    does anyone know where to connect them ? i tried looking around but i couldnt see any spare wires where i can jst plug them in.
    also the rear indicators dont work also.

    Also there is another lose wire that looks like a L piece n has two connectors which come out of the tacho does anyone know what is it for? ill try get some picture of this by tomorrow

    or does anyone have a nsr150sp in fairfield where i can come n check out ?
  2. is it a 2001 or 2002 model?
  3. 2002 model
  4. hey man u live in the west too ay where abts? can i come check out ur bike i wana find out where the missin wires go ?
  5. lol look harder im sure they are there.
    If its rideable get it to mine ill find em for ya.
  6. i dont have my licence yet so i cant ride around actually =P

    legally that is ...

    i tried lookin around for the wires but doesnt seem visible because the indicator wires r so short .. im sure they cant reach that far ?
  7. get your fairings off and you'll find the other end :p

    When you put your fairings back on though, remember to reconnect the indicators before you bolt the fairings on :cool:
  8. ok i manage to find the wires to connect them silly me found them this morning hiding...

    The indicators still dont work though?
    Iv checked the fuse n its not blown or anything, also i was just wondering is there a flash relay for the nsr150sp could that be the problem? also where is it located
  9. er dont remember where on the the NSR (normaly RHS cowl for most bikes) Little black box.

    But im guna take a stab and say your battery is probaly flat and they arnt workin.

    Get a multi meter and or inspect the indicators.
  10. black box is inside the rear back seat... covered in rubber holding

    battery probably has dead cells?

    does the bike start up ? i live in blacktown...your welcome to come see mine if u want
  11. hey...even when the battery is fully flat the nsr is real easy to push start...try it and have a mslla drive around the block, if the headlights change brightness when you give it some throttle it is time for a new battery...hope this helps, stefan
  12. sorry just read that you cant drive it yet... hmm then i wold suggest you just jump start it and leave it running for a while...
  13. Have you tried replacing the indicator globe?
  14. ok thanks for the help guys i got things working yesterday after noon .

    Found the connectors for the front indicators n then went to buy some random flash relay n connected it into the random plugs near the headlights n the indicators started to work = ]

    also found out the tacho wire is broken hence the tacho not working...

    now i jst need to invest in a new battery as the headlights seem to dim if left on for more than 2 min LOL

    Any idea wat is needed to change wen doin a oil change on the nsr150?
    n wat type of oils?

    sorry abt the noob questions
  15. i use motul 2t 710

    29 bux from mcas in parra

    it smells nice :grin:
  16. is there an oil filter too or anything ? or is it jst drain old oil n put new one in?
  17. lets word it carefully :)

    Your two stroke oil shouldn't need changing (the reservoir in the back I think....too many years since I worked on one). It will be consumed as you ride along. This should be 2 stroke oil, if you like your bike, synthetic is good.

    You transmission oil neeeds to be changed. If you look at the casing it should specify what weight oil to use. It's up to you to choose between synthetic or dinosaur bones.
  18. don't u need to drain the old 2 stroke and clean the tubes

    when buying a new bike?

    that was my impression
  19. i have no ideas abt bike? i jst decided to buy one out of impulse ...

    well i got the nsr for 2200 n it didnt have rego so yea i have to register it
    its a 2002 model with 6000kms
    condition is okay not perfect but alright for a learners bike jst to ride arnd for fun.

    wat r the things i should b looking out to change ?
  20. If you don't know what oil the previous one is and you are paranoid, yes you should.

    If you are changing from mineral 2 stroke to synthetic (or vice versa), then yes you should, you should also drain the system as far as possible.

    mixing mineral and synthetic 2 stroke oil has a bad side effect of gumming up stopping flow of oil to the engine :(

    seihoa: Check the condition of the spark plug, change if necessary, check your tyres and batteries, forks aren't leaking oil, lights are working, brakes (both rotors and pads) are legal thickness.

    Change brake fluid, gearbox oil, drain fuel if it's been sitting for over 2 or 3 months, check the fuel filter (if there is one).

    That should be enough to get you away.