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NSR150SP high rpm Hesitation

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by yoda2026, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. i recently purchased my self a nsr150sp and since then i have rebuilt it and got it back on the road

    because i have been wearing in the motor i havent been reving it to hard
    now the motor has done some kms

    so i decided to rev it harder and ive noticed that from about 9.5k on the engine doesnt wanna rev it will go past be theres a MASSIVE drop in power

    can anyone enlighten me on what could be the problem
  2. run-in tune?.. no idea :|
  3. Probably jetting?
  4. its totally stock
  5. Sticky carb or a stuck/incorrectly set up powervalve would be my first thing that I check...

    If it's only happened since the rebuild check powervalve first I say.

    Or check to see if exhaust mounted/sealed properly...or carby and associated 'bits' connected properly...fuel filter clean...

    And ps don't go toooo easy on the engine when running it in. It should not be labouring along below the powerband. Should still be spirited-ish riding, varying revs.
  6. i never labour it along wheres the fun in that
    the exhaust is mounted properly
    ill try the power valve

    also the bike keeps stalling while its cold even with the choke out
    is this a standard problem or is there something i can do

    also i replace the spark plug with the recommended b9ecs but it used to have a bp5es which is a much hotter plug ive have heard that anything hotter than a b9ecs will cause detination

    has anyone had any experience with the nsr and different spark plugs
  7. Correct, there was a service bulletin telling people to use the B9ECS. The others should not be used. Note that when your order them, the NGK version will not have the correct end on it. You have to order the HONDA version of the B9ECS. The service people will swear black and blue that they are identical and order the NGK version anyway, at which point you can take the HONDA one in with you when you pick them up, say SEE and then wait again for them to sheepishly order the new ones. For this reason it is advisable to order six at once.

    Your bike should not stall in the cold with the choke pulled all the way out. This also points to a carby issue in my mind. First check would be wether all hoses etc are properly connect to it and failing that an overhaul may be required to clean and free up the carby slides etc.

    If you are the person who PMd me regarding the manual, I will answer you soon with the linky (it's on NR somewhere) at the end of the week.
  8. it wasnt me that pm'd you for the service manual ive got a copy
    you can download it via bittorrent ill try find the link if you carnt find it on NR

    i ordered the b9ecs which had the wrong end on it so i just put it in the lathe and cut it down to size but that doesnt solve my query

    the bike was running a BP5ES which is a 5 temperature range plug not a 9 which is MUCH MUCH hotter and the bike was running fine wasnt detonating no problems what so ever

    has any actually played with the spark plug temperature ranges on the nsr it just seams strange that it was in there when i purchased the bike the spark plug is a nice brown colour and its good condition with no evidence of detonation

    as for overhauling the carbi when i rebuilt the bike i pulled it aparts and cleaned it out and made sure it was all nice and clean.

    the only part im sure isnt tuned properly in the carbi is the air screw because im not to sure what exactly it does