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NSR150SP Exhaust stoppers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Q, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if any one has removed these or knows how to.

    Also whats up with decarbonizing the exhaust is it necessary? Will it improve reliability? performance?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Exhaust stoppers??? HUH. are those the things that u stick in the end cans??

    As for decarbonising. From experience it make a fair bit of a difference. The built up carbon muddles up the expansion chamber dimension, reducing the power and making the engine run richer. Might have to rejet after decarbonising.

    I use caustic soda to remove the carbon. Block expansion chamber with a potato, mix caustic soda granules into cold water. Stir. Then fill the pipe up. Leave it overnight. Then flush the pipe with lots of water. Out come the carbon.
    WARNING: always wear body protection(goggles, gloves, love sleeves. no skin exposed) if contact occurs flush with lots of water, IT BURNS.
    +++++ Always add caustic too COLD water.
  3. Yeah I think they are the things that go into the endcan, but they're also in the expansion chamber.

    So I'll need some caustic soda. Hmmm rejetting.. :?
  4. My mate had a NSR150SP with a Tyger Exhaust system, made the bike crazy! Could lift the front wheel. Nice bikes!

    I love 2 strokes
  5. My friends selling his one in Adelaide he's got the tyga pipe, expansion chambers and a larger carby with unifilter on it.

    If your interested PM me. He's asking $3300.

    Now back to the rejetting... How difficult can this be? Are these the stepped needles that control fuel mixture?
  6. I meant rejetting if u had rejetted from stock. If its got stock jets then decarbonising should be fine.