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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tinfed, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. hi im super new and just reading up on all the diff types of bikes out there for learners, could anyone give a review on the nsr150? it looks *hot* but its a 150 cc but then again its a pretty new model right, so i dont know! any comments appreciated!

  2. Heya!! And welcome!!

    Best suggestion would be to talk to cnstr who has an nsr150....and scope, who is currently riding said bike.

    I can't help you other than that!

    :D :D :D
  3. Welcome to the forums Tinfed. I was gonna buy a 2000 NSR150 before I got my ZZR250 and I'm really glad I got my ZZR instead of the 150.

    The NSR is a light nifty little bike and you can throw it around corners and great for commuting but that's about it's limits. It's a 2 Stroke if you didn't know, and personally for me it's too small. Ie, I wouldn't want to do a long trip on it. It looks nice and I like the Repsol racing scheme but it's only good to take out on the weekend to muck around on.

    I'd suggest you test ride other bikes and see how you go with them. But at the end of the day, if you like it. Get it :) You'll enjoy it nonetheless :)
  4. by the way im a 60kg 5"8 skinny asian guy so would it fit me alright?
    right now since i dont really know anything about bikes im really just going by looks.
    but how does it shape up compared to the 250cc bikes? what i *really* want is a bike with good low/mid-range torque.
    i own a car so the bike will only be for fun and to ride to uni sometimes, my car is totally weak so i want a good launcher to make up for it.
    im looking for a faired sporty road bike.
    from other forums and stuff they aliken the nsr150 to a toy bike, but im tottally wrapped with it cos its got so much style and its quite cheap for a very recent model!
    also could anyone recommend websites where i could read up on general technical infomation, eg: 2-stokes and 4-strokes and other engine layouts. i get how they work mechanically but i dont really know thier implications on the dynamics of a motorcycle.
    thanks for all the help guys i feel so welcome its like i joined a book reading club :p
  5. all the 250 bikes around is pretty much light as well.
    i think i'm around your size and i have a across which is pretty heavy for me at the beginning but after a while i get along with it.
    advice: hop on as many bike as you can before you make your decision.
  6. Yeah, you always want to sit on a bike before you decide...

    And be careful how wrapped you are with it before you try it... Think really hard about any faults... Once the choice is made there's no going back.

    Haven't ridden an NSR, or any 2-stroke. Being that you sound a light guy, the NSR might suit you.
  7. Sounds like a fun bike and your build seems suited to it. Being a light faired bike it will be a handful to ride in medium to high winds and will even be buffetted by other traffic. You will get used to this so some extent but it will be unnerving early on as a learner. Make some enquiries on insurance on this as I suspect it will be expensive as it is the type of bike that is ridden more for fun than serious commutting (ie. most riders are looking for a good time, not a long time out of this bike...). Being a small bike with a relatively high output this will place some additional stresses on the bike and engine as it will have spent a lot of its time in the high to very high rev range.
    Work out what bike is right for you then spend some time finding a good example within your budget.
  8. for my budget of $4000 if i was to get an across or another type of 4-stroke bike, it would probably have something like 40,000k's on it right? (just a guess).
    would that still be more reliable than an nsr150 with like 5000k's on it?
  9. the only thing you have to remember with an nsr is keep the oil filled or the thing will sieze (just ask cnstr)

    as to handling, on the walhalla run netrider did last year i was riding my cbr600f4i and i was only just keeping up with two pot screamer on his nsr through the twisties, and i aint a slow rider by any means,

    they can be a fun bike to ride if you learn its quirks and remember to keep the revs up, although if like me you weigh on the other side of 120kilos it tends to bottom out on a straight flat road :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: especially if you ad a pillion to the equation
  10. mmm, well a nsr 150 is a good bike, being a 150cc 2-stroke they are fast and being so light they are agile, i havnt actually ridden one, but i id have a rgv 250 a whyle back, if you want a bike with low to mid torque then you want a 4-stroke bike, a 2-stroke has a blistering tope end, but they are harder to ride the a 4-stroke,, they have relatively little engine braking capacity but all in all if you get used to it on tight twisty runs you will eat almost any other bike there, ,,
    if you go for one, all i can reccomend is to use a good quality full synthetic 2-stroke oil in it and you shouldnt have any dramas
  11. what you gotta remember with strokers is that you need to freshen the motor every 10-15000ks. not a huge deal really, its pretty inexpensive, but can be a right royal pain in the arse and if something goes wrong it will cost you a fortune.

    i'd stick with the rest of the crowd and grab a 4 stroke, and if you really want low to mid power, grab a twin. authough the gears arent long enuff on any of these 250s to make a real big difference

    you should be able to grab a well decent bike for less than 4k. 40,000ks is no big deal for a 4 stroke as long as its been maintained properly, just listen out for noises you think shouldn't be there.

    overall, i wouldn't bother pissing around with a 2 stroke if i were you. you want a bike for commuting and a bit of zest on take off? look out for a spada or ZZR or GPX. spada is the nicest of all these but its naked and it sounds like you want faring. but they're all comfortable twins with better low end power than all the 4s, they just die out in the top end a little. pretty much no 250 will be too big for you, the things are all light and low, no problem at all to throw around :D
  12. or just get a CT110, those bikes rock :LOL:
  13. I'm asian 5'8 70kgs and I still wouldn't get the NSR. I was offered $4000 for the NSR and $4500 for the ZZR250 and I got the ZZR. It was 98 and had only done 9000km.

    You might like the looks of the ZZR, it's got a much better riding position and you can sit on 120 all day. You'll find the NSR and absolute biatch when there's cross winds and you'll feel every single bump on the road. The ZZR is alot smoother and you won't get a numb ass.

    I don't know why people would get 125s or 150s, but test ride as many bikes as you can before you jump in. I'd seriously recommend a larger bike. GPX, ZZR, CBR, anything else :)
  14. its not a very fair to compare a well looked after across and an nsr150 thats been thrashed is it?
    i dont mind a high maintainance 2-stroke, but whats the expected life of one thats fairly well looked after?
    anyway after reading up on 2-stroke engines im less inclined to go with the nsr150.
    Out of all the learner legal bikes which one would have the most torque/performance? (that a reasonable example can be obtained for within my 4k budget)
    i was thinking about the across because the boot space appealed to me but the reason i want to get into motorbikes is purely for fun so i really want a performer!
    i hear good things about the ninja and the cbr250? (is the cbr out of my price range tho?)
  15. Not sure if you are a Victorian (260cc or less) or NSW (LAMS restricted) and what you can ride on your learners. You aint going to get kickass performance on a bike approved for learner riders (for a reason). Get a bike with good performance, don't spend a packet on it and plan and save for your post restriction upgrade if you want a weekend rocket.
  16. From what I have read, you're looking for a weekend play thing that will keep you entertained while you are on your L's & P's. I'll go against the grain to what everyone has said! Get a 2 banger they are da shiznit! :LOL:

    I'm also 5"9 & 75kg (yes, I'm asian too... well half), so pretty much all bikes built and shipped out of Japan are made for us short arses! :LOL: I recently bought an NSR 250 SP and don't regret it. But mine is the 250 version - there is a big difference. Maintenance wise; I make sure all fluid levels are topped up - especially the motor oil. I top up with QUALITY full synthetic 2 stroke oil... MOTUL 600 baby! Other cheap stuff will shorten the life of the engine.

    2 strokes do have a wicked powerband kick. It's like a turbo kickin in, so you do have to be careful or prepared for it... trust me on that one :oops: :LOL:

    If you want a bike to mainly commute to work/Uni or do alot of highway travel, then a stroker is not for you.

    If you want to go fanging in the twisties on the weekends... NSR or RGV baby! Their fast & sexy... everything you want in a bike or a woman :LOL: Aprilia RS250s will be out of your price range tho.

    Or, if you want to comprimise, get a CBR250RR - but every man and his dog has one :?

    Just my 2ยข worth, bt what the hell do I know, I'm only a n00b too :LOL:

    See you on two wheels,
  17. hey mate i have just gone through the same thing as u. got my learners bout 3 months ago and wanted a bike but didnt know what to get. my advice ride as many differant types as possible. i loves the look of the apprillias to start with but then decided a 4 stroke would be heaps better so i had a look at the 4 strokes. the other thing u have to look at is do u ming getting an import?. there are a heap of import cbr but they like 10-15 years old.i ended up getting an imported zx2r the little ninja. it was made in 2000 but complied in 2002. that the thing u gotta look at it will say its a 2004 or a 2003 but thats just the year it was complied to aus standards. like i got mine 2nd hand but only cost me 5000 and it only had 8000 km on it. much better i thoiught than getting an old bike with god noes how many km on it. after riding mine and i have been riding with mates through some preety twisty roads i wouldnt change my mind on what i bought.
    hope may help u
  18. leave my bike alone

    All you tools having a go at th NSR150's, SHUT UP!!!!! Their cool bikes. they are high maintenance bike compaired with GPX ZZR CBR GSXR, but it will beat all those bikes. I raced a CBR250RR and he had no hope. In the time that i have had my bike I have seized it once, (190km for a long while isn't very good for the motor) but I hadn't set it up proplerly, the spark plug i was running was to hot, I was using fuel that burn't to hot, It was running very lean and I had cheap oil in it. I have killed the main bearings and have had to get the barrel re-electroplated. all the fixing that I have had to do has cost just over $700, so parts are cheap. But even though I have had problems with it I wouldn't wan't any other bike. Maybe I got a shit motor or I ride to hard but I know of two people with the same bike and they have had no problems.
    Screw Flanders (you have to watch the simpsons)