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NSR150 - What to look for? Need tips.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Calculus, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Aye, I'll be going this weekend to have a look at a few second hand NSR150s and would like some tips as to what to look out for when I am looking at these bikes. I went to a dealer in vic park today and started one and just love the sound and smell :p. The bikes dimensions are perfet for me. As you might know I'll be using it to ride to uni and there is at least one other NSR150 rider there. Relatively short trip to uni, around 20km one way.

    It is sort of hard to toss up between a 90-96 Across for 3000-4000 dollars compared to a 2001/2002 NSR for the same price and around 5000km. Either way they both will need SOME fixing.

    Having said that I am pretty sure I'm gonna go with the ring-dinger. Not planning on doing any extended rides, and yes I have read about the 'do not ride the bike at or over 100km/h for extended periods'

    One of the things I will be definately looking out for is an engine rebuild with proof if the bike has over 15,000km on it.

    Is there any way to tell the condition of the engine just purely by the sound?

    What should a NSR150 in good working order be idling at, even though 2 strokes hate to idle?

    What sort of mileage can I expect, according to some websites they say 17-19km per litre? Any comments?

    What oil and fuel should they be using, I want the previous owner to have cared for the bike and not just filled up with junk. By the way, can anyone give me prices on how much these two stroke oils cost? According to a few of my mates it is a few cents per litre overall.

    If you can give me any other tips that would be useful when looking over the bike/riding the bike that would be appreciated.

  2. Somewhere here has a very nice NSR250 for sale, listed yesterday
  3. Thought about an RGV? Around the same price range and you can easily keep her over 100km/hr for extended periods too :D

    Check this link out...it's a discussion about various 2 strokes, benefits and negatives. Look for my post, it includes info about oils etc.


    If you have any further questions pm me :wink:
  4. Oh yeah, it's probably a good idea to point out that I live in WA so there isn't that much around here. If a NSR250 pops up in the paper I'll have a look.
  5. Thanks slider, reading it now, I gotta go home after this, I have been at a mates place for the last 5 hours using the internet. Sucks not having a pc at home at the moment!

    I will check this post tomorrow when I am at uni!

    Keep them tips coming!

  6. for $3500 you should be able to get a mid 90's across in almost perfect condition, not sure about the NSR

    sounds about right for a 4 stroke anyway, my zzr is 20km/lt, i can't see the 2 stroke using heaps more than that.

    from my scooter days i believe it's around $18 for a litre of decent oil (shell's premium product, some super fancy oils cost more) and yes it works out to be very little, something like 1ml per km (that was approx. for my scooter anyway) so you don't use much at all.

    buy a 4-stroke, stress less about what oil they have used/how long they have warmed it up for every day/if or how many rebuilds it has had/how's the engine/running it at high speeds for decent periods of time etc etc.

    nothing 'wrong' with 2 strokes, but a second hand 4 stroke seems to have less 'what-if's' associated. zzr/gpx/across engines are bulletproof, which when you've just burnt all your cash on gear/training/rego/the bike is goood cause you don't want to find out you're due for a $500 (guessing) rebuild.

    ..that said if you're sold on the ringdingadingdingding machine go for your life

  7. There's still another one out there?

    The NSR SURE will need fixing, about once a month.
    5000km? The previous owner must've spent lots of Sundays in the garage with the electric drill dodging the odo FORWARD, in the vain attempt to prove that a NSR could make such a lofty lifespan...
    Look for another 2-smoke...
    Make sure you get to see the paperwork of ALL the rebuilts, by 15000km the required oversize- rings will be the size of hoola-hoops.
    ring-ding-ding...is fine...and it blows smoke all the time :)
    17-19km per litre?....it's rather how many km per rebuilt.
    (According to some reports, about 8-10 tankfills per wasted Saturday)

    All above replies are tongue-in-cheek. :D :D Sorta...
    BUT...the NSR150 is the biggest pile of crap Honda ever put it's name to.
    Not the rest of the bike, but the engine.
    The model has a WELL-documented history of engine failures/ seizures within very short time/ distance intervalls.
    Look for something else.
  8. Hmmm ok, well the paper is out today, I'm gonna go get it and see whats for sale!
  9. Gah, I need to get out of this god forsaken hellhole! Just got the paper and there is not a lot in there!

    No GPX250s for under 4000 dollars.
    No GSX250s at all

    One NSR250 for 4500 dollars with 12,000km... custom fairings, chameleon colour. Is it worth checking out?

    There is a 1989 CBR250R for 3500 which might have a look at, hard tog et parts for them apparently.

    But I guess you guys are right, probably a good idea not to go with it... but the sound is just so nice :p.

    Anyways, what do you guys think of the NSR250 there for 4500 dollars, no year of manufacture given.
  10. You'll need to find out which model it is (MC16/MC18/MC21/MC28) if it's a 16 or an 18 - I wouldn't go for it - you want an MC21 or 28. Also ask if it is either an "R" or "SE" or "SP" spec.

    Heaps of info here.

    NSR250s are great fun - it's my 1st bike ever and I love it.
  11. Woah, that is a good website. What sort of mileage do you get on your NSR250 by the way and does it make a big difference if it is a 'R' 'SE' or 'SP'?

  12. It depends on the way you ride it :LOL: , but I usually get about 210-240.

    R spec is your standard base model
    SE spec has fully adjustable suspension + dry clutch
    SP spec has fully adjustable suspension + dry clutch + MAGTEK wheels + higher compression heads
  13. As a recent NSR150 (02) owner.........

    - They are watercooled - never had any probs on a hot day. As for 100km/hr - no probs.

    - They need to run 95 octane (I used Vortex)

    - I always used good quality semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil

    - Warm it up for at least 3 mins.

    - Yes they need a "major service" at 5 to 7000 k's - 2 strokes are easy to do anyway!

    - Why do they fail - 'cause some idiots just love 11,000 rpms ALL THE DAMN TIME!

    - Let's face it - taking off from the lights revving at 6000rpm is just going to do your ego some good - not the clutch nor engine!

    For a town runabout they are fine - also fun on the open road as they are very chuckable and light. If you can find one a few years old with low k's (as I did) it not a bad bike.

    Some Honda purists dislike them as they are made in Thailand - probably the same pursists that have a spare $25,000 to splash around??