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NSR150 vs 250RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by joshuaisme, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. In plain simplicity I am a new rider and are interested in both the 250 RR and NSR150 and want to know peoples thoughts on which one to buy?

    I have heard all sorts of nasty stories about the NSR150 dying at high speed for long periods and having parts being replaced left right and centre and I know that they are made in Taiwan? or someone other then Japan but for someone who is cost conscious and not wanting to fork over hundreds in repairs is the NSR150 really this bad?

    Moreover if I had the cash I have heard that the 250 RR's are far more reliable then the NSR150's - no kick, smoother ride, no problems at high speed (acknowledging the 2 vs 4 stroke issue) but once again I certainly don't want to buy a RR and then on top of that have to fork out for repairs constantly (once again acknowleding the need for SOME repairs).

    So to the people in the know out there what do you think?

    Is is better to spend a little more and get the RR for a little more reliablity or stick with the NSR?

    Also please note that I am in Adelaide and have happily discovered the joys of being unable to find a preowned RR here for under 7000!



  2. I think the NSR 150's *were* being made in India, I say were because I doubt that the big H still makes the things (far too much hassle).
  3. If your trying to keep it cheap and cut down on the maintenance... go the 4 stroke. (Feel free to prove me wrong, but im afraid of maintenance on a 2 stroke, just seems too archaic for me).

    I was appalled at the price of CBR 2fiddyRR's; hence i looked around for similar bikes without the a$$hole tax. There's plenty of 'What bike should i buy' threads around here so its worth trawling through them first; in one thread i made a list of all the decent/recent 2fiddy's with quick pro's & con's on each.

    Specifically on your question RE the NSR150 & CBR250RR; both are fairly small bikes dimensions wise. If your more than about 60kg then i'd be staying away from the NSR150. As far as 2 stroke kiddy killers go; the RGV250 is a far better bike with alot bigger kahuna's.

    For bang for buck on a faired 4 pot screamer, i always recommend the FZR250 (both 2KR & 3LN models). The newer 3LN ('90 onwards) has a similar deltabox frame & exup exhaust valve as Yamaha use on the current R6/R1's, and with the single headlight it's got some nice smooth lines. You should be able to pick up a mint FZR 3LN-3 for about $4000-4800, or a bargain for $2700-3200.
  4. Are there a heap of posts missing from this?

    I couldve sworn I replied a couplea weeks ago, but they arent here.
  5. As for the bikes. They are both good. NSR150's are still being made and will set you back around $6000 brand new. Ride em both, but the one you like best.
  6. Horses for courses.
    One is a cheaply built 2 stroke built in some 3rd world backwater,
    Theother is a more reliable and cheaper to maintain 4 stroke that will last you years.
    You have to weigh up the costs.
    Rebuild a 2 stroke after 25-30000 kms or ride a 4 stroke for ages and just service it regularly?
  7. CBR250R is cheep and reliable... can get bit old (hoses ans other rubber parts can go)

    CBR250RR is newer and less things go bad on them...

    NSR150 is a pile of usless metal bits... no power and no reliability... (I took one for a test ride and it died... it had 5000 on the clock)

    Across's take their time to die though all that plastic is expensive to replace/repair

    ZZR250 and GPX250 are fun bikes though ZZR can cost to repair (all that plastic again)
  8. Wouldn't have said the CBR250R is necessarily cheap, tho it probably is slightly cheaper than it's RR brother. Anything with fairings isn't cheap when it's dropped, though I've put my GPX down a couple of times just wheeling it around and the fairings don't touch the ground (skinny-arse bike) - handy!

    Of the two tho, I too would recommend the CBR over the NSR. But how much do you want to spend on your learner bike? If, as you say, they're hard to find under $7k, that's probably a bit much IMO. I guess I'm poor tho ;)
  9. Hmmm I say single R CBRs are cheep... I have helped my friend buy one and put it on road.. just the other week all he spent was $900 for the bike and $615 to make it RWC... All up $1515 and it had rego till Dec... Ok the bike has done over 50,000km and the farings were a bit broken but a bit of plastic welding, cluch lever, fork seals, a full service, and fiew little things put him on the road for one and a half!!

    I think if you spend more than $3K on your first bike you are wasting money... I have helped out all my friends get their first rides (except one who bought a new Zeal only to smach it into a lamp post the day he picked it up). The bikes were (86) GSX250R ($1.5K), (80) XS250 ($0.8K), (91) FZR250 ($2.5K), (80) CB250T ($1.6K), (81) SR250 ($1K).

    Ok most of them were old 80's bikes... but all of them were droped many times while they were on their L's.... The first 3 mounths are the worst... I have met only one person who did not drop a bike EVER!! so he tells me..
  10. Hi Joshua,

    I've been riding now for about 5 months on the Honda Spada 250 v-twin. People have said to me -- that I'll be looking to upgrade later on, so think about the reselling value......I was thinking to myself: "I'll never get off the 250, what are they talking about".....

    5 months on, though I still have much to learn esp. cornering, but I've felt the limit of the 250s....ie when I was at the lights, full throttle 1st & 2nd gears…. on corners, sometimes there’s not much more power to play with for accelerating out of the corner….….

    So, when I was buying the bike, anything less than 250 wasn’t even an option….and I cannot imagine the NSR150 can go on the highway without engine protesting loudly.

    Furthermore, if you are a guy, the NSR150 are a smaller bike size wise…..you might look like you are on a pocket bike :p

    I am also a girl…..(not that it’s any sort of benchmark)……..

    So, I say go the CBR250, unless riding a 2-stroke lawn-mover engine is your thing….:p

    My 2-cents worth…..
  11. My bad. I was assuming new-ish bikes in excellent condition. There's bargains to be had at any bike size if you've got some mechanical know-how and are prepared fix it up. Same goes for cars actually. And houses. And pretty much anything ;)
  12. Hi id go for the cbr rr definately, great bike with a lot of zip (enough for a learner) and you can pick one for about 3500 if you are lucky.

    Don't waste money ona new bike or a very good one as you WILL get tired of just a 250. Trust me you will want a bigger bike as soon as possible.

    I have only ridden for two odd months and have pushed my rr to its limits and want a bigger bike.

    So buy one cheap and move on to a 600 or 750:) My take on it...