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NSR150 Riders ... Kickstand position

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ghost R1der, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. any NSR150 riders out there, after starting the bike, is the kickstand supposed to remain down, or should it return to the upright position? :?:

  2. I have one mate and I think it's the same with pretty much every other bike ever made. Should definitely go up.

    Sounds like you need to invest in a can of WD 40.
  3. + 1.

    Should def be up!
  4. hang on are you asking if it should go up by itself?
  5. +1 on qbn's question... i'm confused at exactly whats going on...
  6. Sorry guys.. been riding :)

    Well, when you kick the kick-start, it stays down and does not return to its upright position where you would kick it from to start it ... it makes sense that it's supposed to go up, because imagine winding it back up by hand each time you have to give it a kick because it's cold and won't start first go. :p

    I think i know what the problem is.

    Only got the bike started 3 days ago after a rebuild and its vibrating on something so i just wanted to make sure its supposed to stay up, its pretty much the only problem i've got with this bike.
  7. :LOL:

    kick starter, not kick stand ;)
  8. lol now that explains everything

    sorry thought you were asking about the kick stand ie side stand
  9. oops. me and my brain.
  10. hey ghost, was that u that bought my wrecked NSR. (short term memory loss)

    If so glad u got it workin. U can pull wheelies if u get on the back seat and and goes up to 170-180 if u get ur chin down. I know the sticker saiz95 octane but it tends to get hotter quicker if u give in to it.
  11. Ok, so none of the replies so far seem to have solved the question tho....

    but Yes, it is supposed to return up to the top, i think there may be a sqring on the otherside of the cover that should bring it back to the top when released from your foot.

    Maybe ask an Aprilia parts dealer exactly what you'd need, or if your confident just start taking it apart :grin: thats why i have a half dis-assembled dirt bike :oops:
  12. Haha ... yeah crutch its your ex-nsr150sp.... good bike, still running it in.

    What do you mean about "giving in", in terms of fuel? i put the recommended '95 in it ...

    ... as for the spring booga, thats what i'm thinking, in any case i do need to crack it open but we've had good luck with it thus far.