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NSR150 power valve returned!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by seanske, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Well since i've held the bike for 10,000 km's
    i've ridden my NSR a little faster than a scooter..

    i took it for service and the mechanic said that my powervalve had ceased because of the carbon build up

    he said he cleaned it and it should ride a little faster now

    well that was an understatement..i was used to max'n out at 8000rpms

    now i can ride into 13,000 rpm

    and the power band is nearly 40% more power than what i was used to

    ..still in shock ..totally different bike that i had before:LOL:

    love it
  2. Praaaise the lord!

    I'm halfway through a little service - spark plug (old one was BR9ES, changed to B9ECS), engine oil -> motul 710, gearbox oil -> motul 10W-40 synth, airbox clean and filter change and new rubber - should run a bit sweeter after this!
  3. Ain't it grand when maintenance makes a big difference like that! You really feel like you got your money's worth. I love the feeling of the 2-stroke getting onto the powerband...
  4. Use good 2T oil and give it a good thrashing(when warm) and the powervalve will stay relativly clean.
    On my trackbike i clean the powervalves every 2nd trackday, and on the old roadbike every 2000kms. Its quick and easy. and makes a difference
  5. well i see alot of pple saying to ride two strokes hard and fast to keep it clean..its not needed..but it does need to be reved out as the engine is being fed oil which it does not burn causing carbon build up..if u dont ride the bike very hard around town..try droping the needle leaning it out giving a cleaner mid range burn, i usually give my road bikes a bit of a squirt at least once every time i take one out..premix also carbons up worse then auto lube.
  6. Can't drop the needle in an NSR150 carb.

    Which is good, really, since it is all too easy then to melt something once you get onto the freeway.

    Far better to just wind it out somewhat when hot. It's almost compulsory to do that just to keep moving with fast traffic...


    Trevor G
  7. Yeah, I don't know how true it is but I've heard stories from owners of lean
    seizures on cold nights. I wouldn't want to lean it any. Just wind it up to
    the upper rpm's now and again,
    2-strokes love it and I love doin it on 2-strokes :LOL: :LOL:
  8. natta is it an easy job to clean the powervalves?
  9. Well i havent worked on a nsr150. on my rgv's its easy. Normally remove the powervalve cover, undo a few screws a spring, and out it comes. Have a look at a nsr150 manual and it will give u some instructions
  10. i dont know about the rgv... but with the nsr, the service manual says you need to remove the cylinder head. now it says that you can do it with the engine still in the frame... but i dont know if there is an accessibility issue here as you will need to replace gaskets too.

    im trying to gain more confidence and knowledge as im about to do a self service on my nsr soon too...

    with the engine in the frame... does that mean you dont need to bleed coolant and oil??