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NSR150 - How many KM's, is too many KM's for a NSR150

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MiKishi, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I've Currently got a ZZR250, which I bough 4 months back; bought it from Melbourne Metro; Ray Quigleys - second hand, needs work done before I can take it on the road.... I've never ridden it.

    I've been thinking about buying a NSR150 - I'm a beginner, I just wanted to find out how many KM's, is too many KM's for a NSR150 - is 19,000 KMS too much?

    Also, what would you recommend spending on a NSR150, Price wise?
  2. needs a top end rebuilt at 20,000 ish ks (as all 2 strokes)
    Wouldnt pay more than 2 grand for somthing in 20,000 ks that hasnt been rebuilt yet.
    Also these bikes sometimes randomly fcuk themselves for no apparent reson (all two strokes)

    Its not a real honda its a bit of a thai made POS (no offense to the Thia's)

    rebuilt is around 600-900 for a mechanic to do it, (altho it is a very simple job)

    +1 for not flaming a noob, with a questions that been covered before heaps of times)
  3. Hey mate,

    Welcome to the forums :grin: The nsr is a sweet as bike and has plenty of go too. Most nsr's have around the km range and depending on the previous owner these can last 30000km without a rebuild as i saw on my last trip to singapore. A rebuild kit from thailand would set you back around $450 and rebuilding a two stroke is quite easy. What does the owner want for the bike? For that sort of km and depending on overall condition i would not spend more than 2500 :)
  4. Woooooah, nah a rebuild using Honda OEM parts is less that $200. I think all up I spent $180, one afternoon and a six pack of beers rebuilding the top end. That was piston, rings, gaskets etc etc. Maybe you were looking at one which included a cylinder :?:

    It's like any bike really, it's more to do with whether it's been looked after well rather than strictly how many ks it has on it. A 21,000K bike that has just had a top end rebuild and was run on Motul oil and changed sparked plugs every 1000ks and kept in tune would be better than a 16,000K bike run on crap oil, running lean and still needing a TE rebuild.

    They aren't POS, btw. the std suspension is not great for us bigger westerners, and to an extent it was built to a price. But you can improve the suspension somewhat with heavier oil etc, and the engine performs exceedingly well. The bike just loves being in the twisties, it's so narrow that it filters really well in traffic so it's been a fantastic commuter. But for bumpy corners going $1.40 or more and for touring work, you're probly better off on something more solid (though I tour on mine with no probs).

    It's the biking equivalent of fanging around in a go kart when everyone else is driving real cars! fcukloads of fun! :LOL:

    I bought mine at 10,000 it was great nic with a drop leaving some marks on the LHS. It now has 22,000 on it, running really well. It will be a sad day when I see it go! :cry:
  5. lol i rember my nsr 150 could do $1.80 with a pillon.
    I dunno how u spent $180 on a rebuild i got oem parts rings and gasket and cost me like $300ish a few years ago
  6. My receipt:
    1 x .NSR150SP Top End Rebuild Kit, Assy. (NHPS-0004) = $115.53
    Sub-Total: $115.53
    EMS Shipping (EMS Air Shipping Zone 6): $49.06
    Total: $164.59
    Here is the product link from Tyga performance.

    As I said, no cylinder included though, but it isn't needed for a std TE rebuild.

    The $180 included gasket goo and shit like that. I bought new nuts for the cylinder and head etc...

    Oh yeah it goes faster taht 140, I was just sayin it isn't as stable as a 600 above that speed, that's for damns sure lol!
  7. oo cool fair enough,
    I bough my rebuild from a honda dealer that would explain the infalted price.
    Migh pcik up another one if the kits are so cheap.