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nsr vs rgv vs...?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by reggie_mk, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Hi all.
    Got my L's tuesday, stoked. I now need something to ride. I live in the hills in Melbourne and would only be using the bike around the hills and maybe to uni which is also a great ride.

    After a bit of research, ive found the nsr 250 and rgv 250 have the most power for their weight. (im looking for a bike to keep for a while, not just to hold onto till i upgrade after ive had my P's 12 months).

    Not quite sure what to get though. The rgv is more powerful but doesnt have the electronic ignition till 96 and then its big bucks. I also read the rgvs heart is in the rs 250s which i suppose would make it a great bike.

    The nsr however is a little less powerful and i guess more forgiving. It aslo has an electric start.

    Whenever i see these bikes advertised i also always see rebuild in the same sentence. Does this just mean rings? What else is needed for a rebuild for these bikes.

    I may also be interested in a four stroke. A mate said zxr 250?

    My budget is $3000

    Am i barking up the wrong tree?

  2. i think for 3k you wont be able to get a nsr or rgv in particularly good condition and same goes for the zx2, maybe save a bit more so you can get one that you wont have to rebuild or have to put $ into
  3. Youll have no trouble finding a NSR or an RGV for 3grand, but as mentioned they wont be in very good condition.

    Not sure about the NSR but the rgv is a 2stroke so obviously they will require more maintenance.

    A meticulous owner will be replacing teh pistons, rings and possiblly rods every 5000km so its handy to know a bit about bikes if youre going to go for this option.

    Having said that they are the best fun to be had on a 250 and are worth the hastle in my opinion. Im a new rider and after a good look decided to fork out the extra dosh for an Aprilia RS250 the brakes alone make it worthwile.

    Good luck
  4. Mate you'll never find an NSR with electric start.. they're all kickers.

    Power wise once you derestrict them I dont think there's a hell of a lot of difference between the two.

    RGV's are definitely cheaper than the NSR's though as there was alot more RGV's brought into the country due to the fact Suzuki actually brought them in. Honda only ever brought the MC28 in very briefly so nearly all the NSR's you'll see are grey imports. Even so new and used parts for these arent difficult to come by.

    Maintenance.. we're not talking 2 stroke dirtbikes here. You hear all the time "oooh they wear out so quick they rev so hard" wrong. Compare any of those diesel 250 wannabes CBR250RR prime example. These bikes redline at 18,000rpm and you have to really thrash them to get them up and going. The NSR on the other hand makes power (depending on setup) from 7,000rpm and redlines at 12,000 rpm. I'd personally rather be maintaining the one that revs 2/3 as hard and doesnt have timing gears, valves, valve springs, valve seats etc etc and is easily capable of 60+ hp and weighs about 120kg dry.

    Apart from tyres which I chewed out rears with heinous regularity and one complete top end rebuild ($400 parts) The NSR took no more maintenance than my CBR1000. Most of the time mine spent off the road was because I was doing mods to it.

    But biggest words of warning you'll hear with these bikes and they are valid words. They can be a handful and they arent for the ham fisted. You really need to take it easy until you get a bit of experience under your belt. These two bikes are the main reason that the power to weight restrictions were brought in in NSW.

    They're both great fun bikes with power handling and braking abilities that most people never use that can see you well past your L's. Hell I'm 39 and have only just parted with my two to get my son into racing.

    If you want to know more about the NSR's check out these links or just ask.

    Pics of mine http://www.ryemetal.com/nsr/

    Jamies site http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/nsr/

    NSR World http://www.nsr-world.com/
  5. Cheers guys. Big help. Also saw the nsr 150, any good?

    Sounds like the rgv is the go though, seeing that they were fully imported.

    400 bucks every 5000km for a rebuild, ill probably save that in fuel.

  6. 5000ks for a rebuild is highly unlikely unless you're talking track bike. Skip the NSR150.. do a search on the forum here for that subject.
  7. 5000ks for a rebuild is highly unlikely unless you're talking track bike and dont for a second think these bikes are economical on fuel. My NSR used way more fuel than my CBR1000 does.

    Skip the NSR150.. do a search on the forum here for that subject.
  8. Yeah, but your NSR250 wasn't exactly what one would call stock :LOL:
    I can usually get about 220km out of my tank (semi sensible riding :wink: )
  9. It depends on how long it's been run before the rebuild. If the rings are replaced regularly, before symptoms begin, it can go for a long time before barrels are needed. If left for too long, you could be looking at pretty much everything above the crankcase. Reed valves sometimes need replacing too, as they go 'out of tune'. A hard ridden RGV needs a rebuild about every 25,000k's.