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NSR track tyres.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. What would you recommend for my MC21 NSR 250 tyres for track use only?

    I've had a look on "Jake Wilson" for 110/70 x 17", and 150/60 x 17" tyres and can only find mixed brand pairs. Can I get a set slicks that will fit??

    I've finally sold my faithful Gixxer750, and the NSR will now be my main track weapon.

    Cheers, Al.
  2. what width rims does it have? similar but a bit narrower than motard rims it seems.

    maybe try a bridgestone R09AZ in YDC compound (soft), i tried one recently on my motard (on a road race track) and it was fantastic. the size is a 125/600 17 but measures up as 115mm wide. i have it on a 3.5 inch wide rim.

    for the rear, its going to be a bit tougher because it sounds like you have a 4 inch or 4.25inch rear rim. is it hard to fit a 5inch rim in there? a 5inch rim is good for a 160/165 slick, but on a narrower rim they are too pinched.

    i think pirelli may do a 150 wide slick, but unsure.

    what track will you be riding mostly on?
  3. It is a 3" front and 4.5" rear from memory..

    Mostly i'll be riding the Island, and Broady.
  4. do you have to run slicks?

    you could just get some pirelli diablo supercorsa's in a 110/70 front and a 160/60 rear. on their site they reccomend a 4.5 inch rim for a 160, so it obviously works ok.

    i have mates who have ran these tyres and they are perform very very well.

    i would try a sc1 front sc2 rear (for a bit more tyre life). i have heard that there isnt many sc1 rears in a 160 in australia, unless a shop has stock.
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  5. Na, I don't need slicks it was just a thought!

    Cheers, I couldnt find any sizes but I'll check out the supercorsa's

    Thanks matey!
  6. and because these are street legal tyres, you can still go out on them if the track is wet unlike slicks.
  7. Not to take over the thread but I am interested in this topic as well as looking for tyres for the rgv, which carry the same size.

    I assume you mean the sc? The website says that they are available in the 150 rear.


    The only other tyre I have found that's half sporty is the bt003rs, But they are more road than the diablo sc.

    Is the diablo sc road rideable or am I never going to get it working? I bought the rgv for track but it's road registered and I may sell my R1 so I might want to ride it on a occasional Sunday.
  8. yeah thats the tyre. the SP seems to be for big bikes only and is more road biased.

    the bt003rs is a pretty good street tyre. the shape of the front tyre is alot 'flatter' than the pirelli so it doesnt tip in as quick. still alot of grip there and its multi compound (unlike the pirelli) so you get more street miles. i seem to get about 2000km from a rear bt003rs

    the pirelli's will work on the street, but they will wear out fast. like proper fast, less than 1500km fast. i was on the wear indicators after about 750km of street use. but it had serious grip, and wouldnt overheat on the track like the bt003rs would.

    when you say a sunday ride, do you mean a bit of a cruise ride or an IOM TT mad sunday style ride?
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  9. cheers

    Did you personally try the bt003rs on the track, was that on a tard or the r6?

    Whilst I don't ride 10/10ths on the road, the rgv will foul it's plugs if you don't ride it hard. So reasonably quick.
  10. i've had the bt003rs on one of my tards and on my r6. on the tard it took about 10mins before the tyres would go a bit slimey, it wasnt super bad or anything, just a little more vague. that was on a track that was very smooth.

    the r6 i have just street ridden but its been fast fast street riding. they seem good, but obviously on the track the pirelli's are a better tyre.

    by the way, bridgestone do a different version of the bt003 that is still road legal but is for track use. i havent used them before but i know a guy who has and he seemed pretty good on them. the bridgestones are a wider tyre than the pirelli's, so keep that in mind if chain clearance is minimal.

    the dunlop alpha 12's dont seem to be very good either, few guys have ran them that i know and didnt like it. and they are a very wide tyre.
  11. You probably mean the bt003r which I looked at but don't come in the size I want. I don't want to run oversize if I can help it as it apparently stuffs the handling unless you change rims.

    They do have the bt090 which is for smaller bikes (it's stock on the wr250x) and are equivalent to bt003r other forums are saying 2000kms and that they are pretty good. Might get a price on those as well.
  12. Can you still get the alpha 10's???....They were a great tyre on my RGV better than me lol
  13. i think its the bt003pro, which comes in a few different compounds, 2,3,4 from memory. i think you can get them in a 150 rear but i am unsure about a 110 front.

    i am a little skeptical about the bt090, i dont think they will be in the same league as the pirellis but i have not ridden on a set so this is just going off things i have read and looking at them on other bikes.

    the alpha 12's are only new out, and there is still stock out there of alpha 11's. when i was in qld for the aussie supermoto championships a few guys were running alpha 12's in the road race only class.

    they had big issues with tyre width, as in a 160 would not even fit in the swingarm and from reports from them they didnt really perform very well.

    the front guys were both running pirelli diablo supercorsa's.
  14. I'm going to keep an eye on this thread as I'll be re treading my new to me rs250 when I get back from OS.

    Got to love this forum!!
  15. I have run R/S 003s on my zx9 and find them no problems use them for 3 maybe 4 track days at a streatch then finish them off on the road
  16. I don't think I'd race on Supercorsas on a wet track.. They're not even for wet roads :p Pirelli rates them as a 1/5 for wet grip on their site. But their dry grip is redonculous. Do they make Supercorsa SP in your size? They're the next step up
  17. conti sport attacks have been doing me great on my MC21
  18. supercorsa SP is a road tyre, supercorsa SC is the track tyre IIRC.

    yeah i wouldnt race on them if its wet, but on a track day you can still go out if its damp and go ok.
  19. Yeah a mate has one on them and I wouldn't really trust them in even the damp, I just don't think they'd get up to temperature + only the middle part is treaded, the bits towards the edge are slick
  20. if you're worried about tyres not getting up to temp then the tyres arent for you.

    supercorsa sc is a race tyre. not a street tyre. you can still ride a slick in the wet, i've done it (on the street) and sure there wasnt alot of grip but that just makes it more fun!!