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NSR 150SP Manual Please?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by seanske, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hi, i've just joined and can't PM ZBike...i saw that he had an online NSR 150SP manual

    to him and anyone else..can i please grab a copy?

    thanks in advance
  2. yes thankyou, try google, took me about 2 mins to find an online copy ready for download.
  3. uhh yeh ive got the NSR125 manual...thats a bit older

    i thought someone might have a newer one
  4. You say your looking for the NSR150 manual right ?

    /NSR150SP.zip is what I found and its 70mb worth
  5. That is a rider's manual that is available online. I have not yet found a service manual.

    You can buy the rider's manual for $28 from a Honda dealer. A bit pricey...but if you buy some parts a friendly dealer will let you view or even print out pages that you want from the service manual. At least, ours does ;-)


    Trevor G
  6. yeah i got it somewhere i think.

    Gimmie till tomorow to upload it to my site.
  7. much appreciated
  8. Now thats settled how about going over here and introducing yourself.
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  10. hey Zbike, i cant PM you but the link on your site does not work,

    my friend and i have the same bike (NSR 150 SP) and he is finding his bike is running alot rougher than mine, although his has double the Kms mine does, i dont see why his would run as badly compaired to mine...

    he has taken both for a spin and he says his bike is in dire need of a tune /service, i called a few people about servicing and i was quoted $350 for a general service and $600-$750 for a major, which is ALOT more than either of us are willing to pay!

    so the service manual would be great, feel free to pm or email me regarding, thanks!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. http://raven.qsurf.org/raven/NSR150SP.zip

    here ya go

    you from sydney? ive got an nsr 150sp myself

    just got a major service done...sitting on 48000 kms

    how much your mate on?
  12. mine has just had its 10,000 but my mates is on its 20,000

    generally when ridden though his rattles alot more than mine, mine seems to be smoother in the revs and when my bike hits power ban it takes off, where as his makes noise but doesn't really pick up. so yeah we are trying to work out what we can change/replace to improve the performance, the only difference with our bikes is he has a Tyga custom exhaust
  13. and yeah we are, western sydney.
  14. im not that mechanically technical ..

    all i can say is ..avoid doing the major service @ big places like bike biz / action...they ripped me off something bad..

    budgetbikes.com.au in yagoona are my preferred mechanic now..
    but like you said..its gonna cost a fair bit to get a major service on your mates bike..

    what 2 stroke is he using? does he let the engine warm up for a while...i get a rattling noise in cold weather at low idle
  15. The rattle is quite probably piston slap, which indicates a badly worn engine. The cure is a new barrel and piston kit, which will set you/him back many hundreds of $$.

    The Tyga exhaust is not really a performance improvement, according to one owner I spoke with. If we keep our NSR I will try it myself, one day.

    A good bike shop will listen and diagnose your friend's bike without charge. His power valve could also be sticking. The cable-driven mechanism is visible through the right hand fairing side. It will move as you rev the bike even when stopped


    Trevor G.
  16. If your mates bike has done 20 000km without any servicing, it's probably well over due for a piston & ring change. I would definitely look at it sooner rather than later as TrevorG said, piston slap = $$$

    I think the biggest gains from the TYGA exhaust is weight reduction, to improve performance (possibly lose low end responsiveness) you can fit a bigger carbie on it.
  17. it has been serviced, around 16 months ago i think, ill let him know anyway, finding a good servicer/repairer would be a good thing for me too, ill have to service mine soon.

    what intervals should the NSR150sp be serviced at do you think? the bike very recently had the 10,000kms service.

    thanks for everyones advice/help :)
    :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  18. Service it according to the book.

    There is gearbox oil to change, and an air cleaner element to clean and very lightly oil and that's about it.

    Lubing the chain should be done when needed, at least every couple of hundred ks. Adjust it as necessary, too. This is maintenance.

    You could also change the fork oil. Fixing a worn engine or a stuck power valve is not servicing but repairs. You get that done when you need it, rather than at a particular mileage.


    Trevor G
  19. Maintainence

    The concept of Major and Minor servicing as we all know it is somewhat irrelevant to these NSRs. All of the routine servicing can be done by the operator and require nothing more than very basic skills. The rest comes into a category that is really repairs.

    Mine has done 98,000 Km and is basically fine. It does require a new power valve to return it to smooth operation. This will cost 1000 Baht fitted (AUD$30).

    Two days ago I took it in as the rear wheel bearing had collapsed this was repaired in 30 Minutes and the cost was 230 Baht (AUD$7). All prices include 7% VAT.

    The only real problem that I have is through language. At the moment I am downloading the Service Manual so that I can explain better what is wrong with the steering head. I believe that there is another collapsed bearing in the steering head.

    Whilst the roads in Thailand are really quite good, large and deep pot holes can be take a very long time to be repaired. The Thais have also embraced speed bumps with a vengeance causing suspensions on cars and motorcycles to just wear out at relatively low Kms.
  20. have you had any low end or high end engine rebuilds within that 98,000 kms?