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NSR 150

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tempus, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. What're everyones thoughts on the NSR 150?

    I bought one because I love the look of it and the insurance for one is ridiculously cheap, as was the price of the bike.

    I've done over a thousand k's on it in 3 weeks and it hasn't missed a beat. It has great power delivery for such a small bike, accelerates out of trouble with ease, I can throw it around like a pushbike and it pulls up without a problem.

    I was tossing up between the NSR and an Aprilia RS 125, but due to budget constraints went with the NSR. It's cheap, looks the part, gets plenty of double takes, and goes like a champ, not to mention it sounds unreal at full noise.

    Most reviews I've read on them are very positive, including this one:


    So why does it get such a bashing?
  2. ....because it is allegedly cheap build quality. i have never had one though, only typing wot ive read.

    also, my blower has more HP than the nsr150 :LOL: :LOL:
  3. According to Honda they make just shy of 40 HP, which would put it just 10 HP short of a 99 model 250 RR and they have more torque.

    So considering it's nearly 40 kilo's lighter than the Baby Blade, I think it's a fairly even match up.

    Then again I may be wrong, but I'm looking at the spec sheets right now.
  4. a quick search will show you this has been discussed in depth :)

    For the purpose it was built for, it does the job well.
  5. I had some spare time at work one day and slapped together some rough figures from the net. for an early 90's 250RR i found a hp figure of about 40 ... which later got reduced to 38 or 36 due to emissions regulations in the later 90s.
  6. That "review" was obviously not written by someone who had ridden the bike, quite likely a Honda PR rep.

    From reports the cbr and the nsr are fairly evenly matched from low to midrange, till the pace gets higher, where you simply need a gruntier engine and the cbr has an advantage.
  7. Ive owned both (not at the same time unfortunatly)

    cbr will outaccelaret the NSR

    NSR will eat the cbr in the corners
  8. Ive got one, cant say a bad thing about it! never had any problems, and it keeps on going, (plus cheap as to maintain)

    get a tyga pipe (http://tyga-performance.com/site/pr...d=515&osCsid=634699e96ab12c3dd2f96aaa7ebf8eee)

    get a bigger carby ~32-35mm

    iridium plug

    and you'll love it !! pipe gives alot of top end (see chart on tyga page) and also revs out higher...

    carb gives more power the whole rev range

    plug just helps it rev more smoothly

    im still unable to test me theory but with these mods accel equal or better than the cbr ... mine sure picks up well nuff

  9. nsr150

    I've had mine for 2 months and has been running beautifully. I use it as a daily commute to and from work and also like to give it a good run on my day's off.
    It's nearing 10000km's and will be putting it in for a service.
    Can any recommend a good place to service it. I'm live in St Peters Sydney.
    Also what oils and fuels are your guys using?

    damo_00, what would the cost be to import and install the tyga exhaust system? What sort of gains in performance and sound be?

    Does anybody know of any sites or forums dedicated to the nsr150 as I can't seem to find any.


  10. na...

    tyga, me and a mate have bought through them, was easy enuff...

    that aus seller has his own markup ... wait the extra couple weeks postage and save some cash !
  11. I'll also add that it takes just about as long to get here with bcomponents. They don't normally have the parts at the time. They just order them when they get a request.
  12. i know this is a old thread but i will try my luck, how much would it cost in postage to get a silencer and a chamber set from tyga.com, with the custom charges? thanx
  13. Given the choice of these two I'd also go for the NSR150. Better looking, cheaper new than many people pay for baby blades..... and that godawful noise of the baby blade in full sewing machine mode drives me spare.

    Being a two stroke there's plenty 2 stroke tuning people can do with the NSR150 as well.

    I also like really small light bikes, so the NSR150 appeals to me in that way as well.
  14. Did u have a look at any RGV's b4 buying the NSR? Slightly more expensive but more bang for ur buck. Better build quality, stronger engine, better reputation... :cool:
  15. The two bikes are hardly comparable if you ask me.

    The NSR certainly has the more reliable engine (read: detuned).

    The NSR was designed as a learner bike.
  16. Well said......learner bike indeed...
  17. NSR250 and RGV250 are normally on the banned list for learners. NSR150 is not.

    btw anyone claiming 50hp out of their CBR250RR should get their hand off it.
  18. i dunno what our aussie dollar was like last year but it seems like bcomponents is cheaper than tyga... i just checked... i must say i have heard very good reviews on service and handling from tyga, but dont rule out bcomponents, its got a variety of other goods too. also to all you exhaust mod enthusiasts, i read in nsr-world that a new expansion chamber is best accompanied with an nsr250 carb... the stock carb is too small for the new chamber... i wouldnt mind getting the chamber myself (doubt the muffler though)... but dnt know where to get the nsr250 carb from... (mc19 or mc22)?