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NSR 150 won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ongsta, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    Long story short, I've got an NSR 150 that doesn't start.

    Since i bought it i've been able to ride about once a week for a good few months.
    But, one day i noticed the idle was a bit too low in the rev range & i tried to adjust the idle screw which didn't work at all.
    The bike would then rev it's ass off every time i started it - so i had to turn it off. :?

    A week or so later it wouldn't even start. Headlights don't turn on when i switch to 'on' with the key. Tried everything i could think of - changed spark plug, charged battery & tried clutch starting which would get it going then it would slowly die off - so i gave up on running it up & down the street.

    My mates guess is the carby is out of tune which sounds about right since these 2 strokers seem to be pretty sensitive to spark and carby adjustments.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - been dying to go for a ride
    I'd rather try fix it myself before getting it to the mechanics - or at least know what's wrong with it.

  2. I think the problem is that you messed with it in the first place. Take it to someone that knows what they are doing.
  3. Hey mate, sounds like your bike is running way too rich now and flooding which causes it to die off after starting. Try turn the idle screw back a few turns and go through the flood procedure which involves holding throttle open and kicking the kickstart a few times. What colour is your spark plug? If its real oily its running way too rich but if its white it will be running lean. Try that and come back to us :)