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nsr 150 top speed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by goer86, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. i have a nsr 150 with a full tyga pipe expansion and silencer
    it runs great to 140 and will not go over 140 no matter what i try it pulls 140 in 5th at 11200 when i change into 6 th it wont move at all
    have tested on a 5 km streach many times
    have got 148 with 103 octane
    any solutions please

  2. At a guess (i don't really know anything about them) i'd say it's limited to 140. A mate's NSR250 is limited to 180. Try searching for 'derestricting' - you'll probably find it's either going to be replacing the CDI (or something) or doing a bit of rewiring.

  3. Leaving aside the fact that 140 is somewhat over the legal limit even for an unrestricted rider, why do you want the wring the poor little feller's neck to that speed anyway? Can I suggest that at 18 years old you ought to be concentrating on staying alive long enough to GET your unrestricted licence, not trying to see how fast a 150cc bike will go?

    Just one little trick; keep your left hand poised over the clutch lever...... :p
  4. 140kph is too slow for 2-stroke 150cc bike. I used to own a 150cc 4-stroke honda and does 130. I would expect the NSR150 to do 170ish so there may be a built-in limiter ?
  5. maybe he is doing track work hornet?
  6. very good point indeed. and that's the reason for a restricted licence, there's just so much to learn before you add on the complexity of speed/power.
  7. Isent license restricted to 250cc like Melb? :?
  8. even if you could get it above 140, why bother ... the great thing about bikes is how fast they get up to a certain speed, not the actual speed itself... so if it takes you a long time to get to 150 or 160 its just stupidity ...
  9. Lol, a five kay track, yeah right. Sorry to be a smart arse but Hornet is 100% correct. I own a VTR250 and the max I have gotten out of it is 140. But on a bike that takes so long to get to that speed it's very dangerous and I wont be trying that again. Let me ask you a question... If you are comfortabe riding at 140, can you do brake hard from that speed to a stop?, if not, don't go that fast until you get a bigger bike cause you might loose more than your licence. Im sorry to be a wet blanket but it's true isn't it. Happy Riding all! :D
  10. very old thread i guess but for the unofficial record, the nsr150 pulls 190ish with a tyga pipe and a 37mm dellorto carb ( y ea i know over over sized but it was cheap :cool: )....on a private road of course...i know most of you wont care and if you do care will doubt it can but i couldnt care :p

    not recommended a nsr that quick just doent feel right...i would say 160 is where she starts loosing pace...i havent seen any info that says they are 'wired' with a restrictor, just need a couple investments to get that power up

    anyways my 2c