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nsr 150 piston and rings

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nicka9x, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Pulled apart the engine of a NSR 150 to clean out all the carbon. The piston looks fine, Since I have everything in pieces should I replace just the rings or replace the piston with new rings. I do not know when any of it was last changed.

  2. How many K's on it.
    U can get some rings of TYGA england for cheaper.
    And yes, and u wont have to touch it for a good 15,000-25,000 km
  3. what's your ring gap measurements like?
  4. I measured the ring gap, 1.2mm I have no marking on the piston or cylinder so I must have B type piston. I emailed tyga and they only sell C type pistons, they also mentioned that the C type piston would be suitable in a B type cylinder. Has anyone mixed piston and cylinder ?
  5. u dont have a choice u can only get c type pistons from tyga or anywhere else. As far as i know.
  6. Tried your local honda dealer? It is a local bike so you should be able ot get parts for it.

    You might also be able toget parts from other places, like the thai based Ebay trader selling parts.

    BTW, is your ring gap within service limits?