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NRMA Slams P-Plate restrictions (car) - taken from SMH

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by josh909, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. About time (the restrictions, not the slamming)?

    NRMA slams P-plate restrictions
    By David Higgins and AAP
    June 7, 2005 - 9:57AM

    The NRMA has criticised a Government plan to ban young P-platers from driving high-powered cars.

    NSW Roads Minister Michael Costa this morning announced changes for provisional drivers, with a particular focus on younger drivers.

    P1 and P2 drivers will be banned from driving cars of eight or more cylinders, or vehicles with souped up engines.

    The ban on V8 cars "meant that many family cars would now be off-limits to P platers, making life harder for young students, young parents and workers who only have access to one car", the NRMA said in a statement.

    Some older V8 cars "are less powerful than modern cars with six cylinder engines", NRMA chief Tony Stuart said. "Some V8 family cars and four-wheel-drives also have greater safety features than smaller cars."

    Country motorists would be "disenfranchised" by the decision to ban all new P platers except workers from driving a V8 car, NRMA director Graham Blight added.

    "Everyone who lives and works in country NSW knows that bush roads are worse than city roads and that thousands of rural families have V8 cars," Mr Blight said.

    "We need stronger cars for farm work and many property roads are nothing more than dirt tracks. It's impractical and unfair to ban P platers from driving V8s when they are required to help out on the family property."

    However, the NRMA backed other changes announced by Mr Costa.

    P-platers who have their licence disqualified will be limited to carrying one passenger for the first 12 months after the licence is reinstated.

    The changes were designed to address the "optimism bias" of young drivers, Mr Costa said.

    "We need to change attitudes, we need young drivers, novice drivers particularly, to understand that they do have what the experts call an optimism bias," he told ABC radio.

    "They believe they can conquer the world with their new licence but that's not the case in terms of the skills they have."

    The NRMA supported restrictions on turbo and super turbo-charged vehicles and exemptions for P platers using a company car and self-employed workers, Mr Stuart said.

    "Minister Costa's decision not to introduce a blanket ban on powerful cars in regional areas is promising. NRMA hopes that the Government will be flexible in its definition of rural areas and in its application of an exemption for workers."

    Sixteen to 20-year-olds accounted for 7 per cent of all drivers, but were involved in 17 per cent of fatalities, Mr Costa said.

    A 17-year-old P1 licence-holder was four times more likely than the average driver to be involved in a fatal crash.

    Greater training, demerit point incentives and disincentives, and standardisation of plate positioning would also be looked at as part of the plan, Mr Costa said.

    Today's changes come into effect in mid-July.

    Mr Costa said other measures, including tougher driver training requirements, were expected to go before state cabinet later this year.
  2. HA the NRMA are backing it cuz they can charge insurance through the goddamn roof for P-plater's in high powered cars....
  3. Another example of the govt throwing the bay out with the bathwater. Next they'll be banning farm equipment because of a few farm accidents.
  4. So you disagree with the current law of not allowing learner motorcyclists from being able to ride 1000cc sportsbike from day one?
  5. Different issue were talking about. A lot of rural familys don't have a spare Holden Barina floating around for the P-plater to drive. The family may have a V8 ute, and that is it. If they can't get to work because of these new laws, it will disadvantage many families.

    Also, come to qld, you can get your l's, drive to a q-ride centre do your test, go get your licence printed up and ride a 1000cc sportsbike home all in the same day. :wink:
  6. bahahahaha, banning V8's! :p look what P platers are actually DRIVING. skylines, soarers, supras, silvias, not a V8 to be seen! -imbeciles!!! :evil:

    the stupidity is breathtaking
  7. And if you read the new law it states rural families with 4wd/v8's are excempt from this law, as those vehicles are required for rural roads.. Also anyone else who has exceptional circumstances (i.e. work or no money to buy 2 vehicles) will be allowed to drive that type of car.
  8. http://www.dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story.jsp?sectionid=1260&storyid=3244811

    "P1 and P2 licence holders will be banned from driving turbo-charged, super-charged vehicles (diesel vehicles excepted), eight-cylinder vehicles and those with engine performance modifications."

    Yep, they didn't think of it :)

    They are also going to be putting up a list of approved vehicles on the RTA website.
  9. It is still a very dumb law.

    Does that mean that my V8 is safer if I disconnect 2 spark plugs? Youngins will wrap anything around a tree given half a chance. I've lost friends in 4 cylinder cars doing stupid stuff. If they want to save lives, ban smoking and alcohol and stop introducing pissant half measures that may or may not save lives.
  10. /me crosses my fingers that lowered mitsubishi mirages will be banned... :LOL:
  11. How many cockies (I'll be that this is censored) own V8 4WDs? And examples, please (of such models). None of the farmers that I know do. They all own Landcruiser utes, all with 4 or 6 cyls and usually diesel.

    Of course, they're talking about the family Statesman or Fairlane, then I would expect they can afford to pick up a $3,000 used Hyundai or perhaps even early model 6 cyl Commodore or Falcon for the lad.
  12. Vic kids dont get to drive big v8's

    ive driven a '01 clubby before .. those things have massive power..

    ive seen a few p vs clubbys im not sure how big their engine is..

    if they made you go do some tough courses and education to get your 'v8 license' or even to get your license it would seem logical..
  13. I think the actual law will be "eight-cylinder/4WD vehicles".

    There is also the ability to plead your case based on exceptional circumstances. The government seems to know that farmers will need more powerful vehicles.
  14. giggles :D
  15. yeah, its funny, kinda like the 260cc laws :roll:

    you can have a 250cc two stroke with 55hp that weighs 140kg, but not a 4 stroke 500cc with 40hp that weighs 200kg :?

    or, you can have a VY Commondoor with a 3.8 litre V6 with 155kw, but not a HZ kingswood with a 4.2 litre V8 with 130hp (provided its still in good nic :LOL: )

    yeah, you can kill yourself in/on anything, but you less likely to play silly buggers if you CANT arent you? i agree with the restrictions, but its a stupid way of doing it, limiting capacity with no regard to power or weight is dumb IMO. it should be all on power to weight, and yeah thats just part of the solution too, maybe try some driver education for a change of pace too hey :roll:
  16. Heh, apparently farming is now the nation's most dangerous occupation! Miners are 'nancy boys'... ;-)
  17. It's one those ideas that's so simple, straightforward and bleedin' obvious that you just know it's got to be wrong.

    But it makes the politicians appear to be doing something.

    I wonder if anyone did a study analysing the types of vehicles "young people" were driving when they killed themselves or others, going back over say the past 5 years? Then looked at the results compared against the types of vehicles driven by the broader community, to see if particular types of vehicles were over-represented?

    I'd be interested in the results - particularly the power-to-weight figures.
  18. Right, my '79 model 928 is definitely required for rural travel. :LOL:

    These road 'safety' laws seem to be forever becoming sillier and sillier and
    sillier... I can't even object to them anymore, I just find it all funny -
    well today anyway. ;-)
  19. I think that the example that forced this was a young girl who wiped out her family in a v8 commodore... [my memory is sketchy] a few years ago. It was tragic and rocked the whole town. It generated the debate which I reckon caused this law. Go figure. The fact is, the same tragedy have happened in many different types of vehicles, not just v8's. But it is easier to explain tragedies on big engines than face the fact that sometimes sh1t happens.