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NRMA Road Service for Motorbikes?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by onetonnesam, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Not sure if this the right place to pose this question, so if it needs to be moved, mods please go ahead. Got my Ls Friday; bought a new bike on Sat. During the process (which was excruciatingly long, and included the business manager trying to flog me additional insurance products on which they earn a trailing commission) they offered a Tyre and Rim Insurance which i knocked back but made me think. Is there a "road service" provided by motoring associations like the NRMA in NSW specifically for motorbikes? I'll call tomorrow to find out, but does anyone know?
  2. <post removed. Waste of time>
  3. I signed up for it and it seemed pretty motorbike specific to me. I may be wrong but regardless its still worth having as I found out when my bike died on me on the other side of the country. I was 40 minutes drive from the nearest bike shop and even though NRMA didn't exist in WA they put me through to RAC who came out and put the bike on the back of a truck and took me to the bike shop. Cost me nothing as they cooperate with each other and I had paid the annual fee for membership with roadside assist with NRMA.
  4. I got nrma breakdown/premium service before the last 4000km ride north, just a few days before I found not tools to take the wheel(s) off if I had a flat, great standard toolkit... :?
    anyway, hopefully won't need the service but, if I'm stopped for a failure/flat or whatever I'll get picked up, hotel-ed, car rental and all those 'apparent' benefits...it made me feel ok for that trip.... :grin:
  5. I have NRMA permium cover ,think it was like $150 a year.

    The guy that comes to the rescue to help you might not be a bike machanic ,but he will sure as hell know alot more then me ,and there would a a fair few things he could check out .

    Sounded ok to me. :grin: for $150 ,whats that like 50c a day to know your got back up.

    They do pay for lot of things if your stuck out in a country area and ..say..1200km from home ..
    And the bit I liked is ..if your stuck they will pay for a room and car hire etc for you and your pillion ..and your not out of pocket ,and have to pay and get the money back of them later.
  6. I can confirm they do roadside assistance for bikes. I already had to use them once when the bike conked out with a dodgy plug.

    They might not be bike mechanics but I bet most of them have had a play with bikes before. Besides, the trucks are packed with all the tools you can't carry with you, and jumper leads. Worst case they'll tow you. Worth it for $80 per year IMO.
  7. road service?
    yes its called calling your mate with a box trailer to come a pick your bike up and take it home, shout him a drink on the way home.
    The next day get out your manual and toolbox and start pulling things apart, thats all part of the fun of motorcyling
  8. 1200KM From home ,thats 2400km round trip ,I think you would be up for more then a case of beer. :LOL:
  9. the OP is on L's, dont think he'll be riding 1200km from home. If your that far away, guess you might be able to roll it half way home before dieing of exhaustion and exhaust fumes
  10. Thanks for the answers everyone, mostly helpful, some more entertaining than helpful.

    God bless the NRMA.

    Tomcatalex, you are right, I won't be going much more than 12 km from home, let alone 1200kms :)
  11. RACV

    Try RACV as well..their premium scheme is arnd $150 or therebouts, and covers ANY vehicle that you are in, including motorcycles.
  12. Haven't had NRMA service for years. Had a battery blow on me so I had to pay a premium once (car), but that was well less than the saving I made by not being a member for all those years.

    They can't do much for cars these days and anything they can do on a bike you can do yourself. I just carry around a few extra tools.
  13. there is a NRMA scheme for young riders/drives much liek yourself for FREE yes u heard right, FREE road side assistence if u r 17-20. this includes any veichle u travel in and any car u may be a passanger of. to look it up u should call NRMA, i beivel the system is called 'free2go'.

    check it up, it is a reliable system, and tried to get young un`s into the whole NRMA system,

    i am on it, it works out to be cheaper then the basic care for a single rego plate, single rego basic cover is 70 odd, i paid 60 odd for this scheme
  14. <post removed. Waste of time>
  15. Not to be too picky, but according to the website RACV will let you take out roadside assistance from any state. They have NRMA provide the service in NSW, but you can still live in another state and be a member.
  16. Re: RACV

    "Your RACV Total Care covers you Australia Wide." Next time check the facts before shooting off ..dumbass.
  17. What's an OP?
  18. Original Poster
  19. Thanks Thera.

    Ended up getting extending my NRMA membership to cover my bike anyway. Unfortunately amongst my circle of friends, not one has a trailer, let alone a car that has a towbar fitted.