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NSW NRMA or Insure My Ride?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by PeterPorker80, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I was hoping to get some opinions from people who've used either of the above insurance underwriters above. Using the handy list of insurers on this forum, I did my due diligence and started calling around.

    It's down to NRMA and Insure My Ride. After lining them as closely as possible (in terms of extra coverage, excess, etc,), the prices are:
    NRMA: $695
    Insure My Ride: $595

    Is NRMA worth the $100 extra? I'd rather go w/ them as I'd had them for my car. Having said that, I've never had a reason to claim and thus have never dealt with them.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. have you looked at QBE, though? I've been with them for years and always got good premium cost and good service
  3. IMR, I did a claim and have nothing bad to say, the process was stress free, was also my first and only claim
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  4. I did but they came out a couple hundred dearer than NRMA.
  5. Hmmm... noticed something in quote that didn't make it a like-for-like comparison. Fixed it now and NRMA is ahead.

    I know it's not all about the cheapest insurer at the end of the day and I hope I don't regret going with NRMA.
  6. I had a not at fault claim with IMR late last year. They seemed unable to forward messages to their own people and the first guy I spoke to didn't know what some bike parts were.
    If you do go with them and make a claim, call them regularly so things get done.
  7. We have bike, car, truck as well as home and contents, all with the NRMA, have used AAMI in the past, I wouldn't use anyone but the NRMA.
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  8. I recently looked up who owns what, and Insuremyride, Shannons, AAMI, APIA, GIO and Just Car Insurance are all owned by Suncorp. Their claims and assessments will be done through the same office.
  9. I had the NRMA lady on the phone when I made this post. I told her I still hadn't decided... as I was going to be picking up my new bike last Friday, she recommended just activating it w/o paying and if I changed my mind, I could cancel in the first 21 days. I went w/ that.

    She was wholly professional and friendly but don't know if their claims dept are the same. I've got a few days to get more opinions.
  10. Might have changed, but when I looked at IMR a few years back, it was their choice of repairer - ie cheapest. Shannon's gave me the option of who I chose. After a car park fall over, that were happy to cut me a cheque and go it myself
  11. i have to agree that shannons are great (for my cars). i have had to talk to their claims dept a few times, and i end up chatting about various car things and bits, they arent just working mums that get their husbands to fill up the car cause they dont like the smell of petrol on their clothes....

    and AAMI are rubish.... as much as they are all owned by the same people, they are run quite differently.
  12. Most definately not done through the same office, and policies are different. When I got a quote from Suncorp the guy said he doesn't know how IMR do a particular price and Suncorp be many hundreds more when they own them.

    I got a letter today from IMR, saying they had been unable to contact me by phone and if there are any problems with the work to contact them on ___________.
    That was not a typo, they actually didn't put a contact name or number, nor had they been trying to contact me by phone.
  13. I don't know about bike claims but my elderly mum claimed on her car not long ago. They were quite helpful and polite.
  14. Well, I have just obtained the online quotes from both of these insurance companies and the difference was huge, nearly $600 difference !! This was from the online quote form, so will have to print them out and compare them very closely, but I did put in the same inputs however.
  15. If recall correctly NRMA included the time you had your Ps when counting the number of years you had your license while IMR only counted it from when you had your fulls. I think this may have made a difference.
    IMR also asked if you'd taken any advanced riding courses. For me it reduced the premium by about $100.
    Basically, they appear to put different weights to different aspects of your application.
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    Every year I do the ring around/on line quote for my insurance. Every year it seems to come down to Swann or QBE. I've dealt with Swann for a claim and my wife dealt with QBE for a claim. Going by our experiences, we are sticking with QBE.

    After some idiot P plater ran into the back of our car a few years ago I can recommend AAMI for car insurance (but I do suggest you make sure you have 'ticked' all the boxes for the coverage you want). Also AAMI hasn't 'punished' my wife for her motorcycle accident as long as we don't change cars. Whereas NRMA dropped my rating for car insurance after my bike accident.

    For me, IMR and NRMA are a few hundred dollars more than QBE or Swann. I don't bother talking to Shannons any more, not after I was basically told that because I ride my bike every day and do more than 10,000km a year I'm not an enthusiast.

    Edit: just got an online quote from Shannons. $656.28 a year. That's twice as much as QBE.
  17. I refused to deal with AAMI some years ago after I rang them for a quote and was told that since I'd been in an incident, even though it was clearly identified by police as the other driver's fault and that I had done nothing wrong, I had to pay double what the premium would have otherwise been.
    For me, with my driving, riding and insurance history, NRMA is about $100 cheaper than any other place I've had quotes from. For someone else that could easily be completely different.
  18. What this thread shows is that it's best to shopped around yourself because everyone will be be different.

    For example it turns out that because my wife is named rider and has had a bike written off in the last 5 years Shannons wouldn't sell me insurance anyway.
  19. What I found as very interesting, is this.
    I'm looking to buy a non-LAMS bike, before my LAMS period is up. ie due for opens in late May, and I'm buying a bike now, but it will remain unregistered until May.

    IMR won't touch me. They claim you have to be licensed to ride that bike at the time you take out insurance, and the bike must be registered in the insured parties name. So in essence, they won't give me insurance until a) I get my opens and b) I register the bike in my name.
  20. That's not unusual.