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NSW NRMA insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bugjuice88, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever had any issues with NRMA insurance?

    Looking at buying a speed triple and I got a quote of $814 from NRMA and $1203 from QBE.

  2. They paid out when I crashed my SV1000s though they should have written it off instead of fixing it because it was one of those close ones that the assessor removed stuff which then needed those anyway (though they all do that on occasion).
  3. You need to look at what each company actually covers you for.

    Even though NRMA may be cheaper they may not cover your gear or the cover may not extend to training courses. Very few, if any, will cover you for a track day though.
  4. Swann Insurance is part of the IAG group ; same as NRMA. I found them good value.
  5. Yet I found Swann to be a pain in the arse to deal with when I actually made a claim.

    I am now with QBE. When my wife made a claim with them we couldn't have asked for better service. They actually chased us for paperwork.
  6. Happy with QBE comprehensive for the bike, but with no claims so far. Haven't tried them for the car yet, but in that case the GIO quoted well under NRMA as a new customer, even with all the supposed NRMA discounts (no claim bounus, member, other policies).

    Their service is good, but it seems that it costs something of a premium in a lot of cases.
  7. He has been quoted a lower premium as per the op.
  8. Have you tried "Insure My Ride" ? They were the cheapest for me

  9. Yes. Thanks so much. I read the OP.
  10. QBE will price match. Well they do in ACT anyhow.

    A good mate of mine runs a panel shop specialising in bike repairs, he much prefers dealing with QBE. And when i was on the tools, NRMA were always keen to use second hand parts, or recycled, instead of new, even on 18 month old cars.
  11. NRMA is a new replacement for first 2 years and choice of repairer if you do crash it. QBE will beat anyone provided you can supply a printed quote. NRMA wont print a quote until you have a Rego or VIN number. The have each other scouted well.
  12. I've got lots of insurance with NRMA (Landlord, Contents, 2 cars, bike, camper trailer), and I've been with them for almost 20 years.

    With the bike, they came in much cheaper than anyone else (including QBE), and include 2-year-old vehicle replacement and $2000 worth of gear coverage.

    Their excess is fairly high ($600) for bikes, which I see as the only downside when compared to some of the other companies.

    I've only had to make a few claims with them in 20 years (probably 3 all up), but have had zero hassles every time.
  13. Swann are terrible! Extemely Hard to deal with Would never use them again had a bike stolen an after 3 months and a complete invasion of my privacy it was refused because of bullshit fine print in there PDS. I paid them for 5 years and now after I make a claim which was refused I feel like I have been robbed twice
  14. what was the fineprint in question?