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NRMA damaged auction results(NSW)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kaer, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Just cleaning up my desk at work and came across my list of results at the NRMA damaged vehicle auction that I attended

    Mainly for interest sake, I'm no expert in this. All vehicles were fairly majorly damaged. I was only interested in one of them, so didn't go through the rest with a fine tooth comb.

    This is base price, then you also have to add on 5.5% buyers fee.

    From fowles, catalogue of the current ones this month available at

    This list is the one from 2 months ago that I went to.

    97 Kawasaki ZX600, stat write-off, $850
    99 Vespa PX200E, rep write-off, $800.
    99 Honda VTR1000, rep write-off, $2400.
    97 Kawasaki ZX6R, 19753km, rep write-off, $2000.
    03 Kawasaki ZZR600, 29658km, rep write-off $1400.
    03 Honda CBR900, 11028km, rep write-off, $6750.
    02 Kawasaki Vulcan VN1, Rep write-off, $3500.
    03 Aprilia RSVR, 3740 km, rep write-off, $11,200.
    93 Kawasaki KLX250, rep write-off, $800.
    94 Honda RVF400, Rep write-off $2200.
    00 Aprilia RS200, Rep Write-off $2700.
    04 Ducati 620 Monster, Rep Write-off, $4800.
  2. hey what's the deal with "repairable write-off". I know that they can be re-registered, but why are they called "write off's"? I've been to several auctions and still can't work out why some bikes look like they are in perfect condition while others are mangled and really need a lot of repairing.
  3. in regards to bikes like these is it possible to restore them and use them as a track bike only????
  4. As long as they are straight, there is no reason as to why you couldnt run them as a track bike.

  5. rep. write-offs: Insurance assessor decided that the reapir was too expensive for the market-value of the item. Insurances have some idea what the damaged item will bring at an auction and try to achieve a better repair-cost-to-sale-price ratio that works in their favour.

    Statutory write-off: in most cases structural damage, but also...burnt out/ water-damaged/ submerged in water or chemicals....
    Those are non-reregisterable, but can be used as base for a track-bike.
    Frames can be welded/ cut/ bent etc etc. There are no ADR's or similar for track bikes.

    Some look worse than what they are. Others are worse (more expensive to fix) than what they seem...
    i.e. a punctured clutch cover leaves a messy oil-trial but is easy/ cheap to fix. A punctured engine case on a 2000model VFR800 with 25.000km pulls the price from about 3.5K down to about 1.5-1.8k (this is just an example).
  6. I could be wrong but..........I think if the frame is scratched/dented in an off techincally they must replace the frame. That renders pretty much any bike a write off.
  7. Okay, the below info is only for NSW, I don't know other states laws.

    For repairable write-off, you can repair it. To get it registered you need to get a blue slip, which is where a mechanic goes over it. You also need to prove you got it repaired, by showing receipts of either repair work done/parts bought.

    For statutory write-off, you can't re-register it. For bikes it's means frame/structural damage. Unsafe.
    It's basically for sale as parts. Engine could be sweet, but frame is buggered.

    And yes you could restore it and use it as a track bike only. Just means you don't get a blue slip and register it.

    MAJOR WARNING : Buying a bike at these auctions is a major risk. Unless you really, really know what you are doing you are not going to end up in front.

    The one bike I got from them is looking like me breaking even. But I'm not including the months it takes to get it all fixed.
  8. Thanks Kaer and glitch_oz, that's pretty helpfull.

    I've seen several ex-police/amublance bikes (st1100 or k1200) for sale at auctions and they usually go for less than $6000 yet when I see them in the trading post etc they go up to $10,000! Is there any common reason behind this? my uncle is looking for a bike like these