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NRMA backs plan to ban dark colored bikes/gear/clothes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tomcatalex, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. In the 80's he was for law and justice


    Soon to be targeted by NRMA, RTA and the police

    Their solution

    "Very dark motorcycle paint or fittings colours should be reviewed"

    Their reasoning " Riders wearing dark clothing were more likely to crash than others "

    my answer

    or is it that the RTA hands out licences to drivers who are blind or to lazy to look out for bikes and crash into bikes, looks like they are shifting the blame on us riders and giving drivers an excuse to hit us
  2. Shouldn't this be in jokes and humour?
  3. I seem to recall reading somewhere recently that RED is the hardest bike colour to see, not black. Ducati riders would be in trouble! :shock:
  4. hee hee that's so funny :LOL: OH shit they are serious :shock:

    um where are the stats to back this crappolla up?
  5. Yeah but only AFTER the accident.
  6. Yes, its the bikers fault that cars keep running them off the road :roll:

    I could wear fkn flashing lights and half the tards on the road would miss me.
  7. It's not the ones that don't see you that are the real worry - it's the ones that see you but just don't care.

    On a side note where's that bike pic from? Can't help but wonder what bike(s) they used to make that.
  8. NRMA really do a lot for motorists.
  9. *to
  10. I admit I'm surprised at this one. I had been thinking that the next step was going to be compulsory hi-vis safety vests. But no, they want to legislate the entire f#$%in' outfit!
  11. Do you think the hivis vests will stop them running into cars?
  12. Confirms what I have thought for the last 10 years, since I cancelled everything I had to do with teh NRMA. They are a bunch of cocksmokers, who don't give a shit about motorists, and only care about their board and profits.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. +1 (RACV is just as bad)

    I see NRMA's also pushing for mandatory fitment of reversing cameras at the moment. Sure less squished kiddies is good but it could also mean more drivers looking only at what's in the cameras field of view - making it more likely to have cars reverse out in front of vehicles on the road (particularly motorcycles).

    And surely given their decision on motorcycle colours if they wanted to be consistent in their logic they'd be pushing instead for a ban on any vehicle with poor visibility (ie 4wds).
  14. Of course not. It will just protect the bureaucrats from legal action.
  15. NRMA "while how bout i just get a big pole find the nearest motorcyclist and ask him to bend over"

    RACV "yeah that would be pretty funny wouldn't it"

    Dicroads " while we are at it we should make em put knives on their handle bars so the people who get their licenses from our big kellogs box can kill them instead of maiming them"

    Police "wait a minute how are we gonna make some cashola out of this, i think we should be able to fine people for not doing anything unsafe"

    Premier "sounds great, what will we call it?"

    Deputy Priminster "How about an irresponsible position fine... no thats too sensible..."

    i've just about had it with this crap its time for some form of organised opposition to this stupidity so all you netriders, what are we gonna do sit on our computers and wait for them to take them of us...?
  16. Is there a reference for this policy? I can't see anything on the NRMA media releases on their website. And given the NRMA has a motorcycle safety section(which also doesn't make mention of this) that states that they sponsor the MCC of NSW safety website, I would think the MCC would have something to say about such a policy. If there is a reference I will email it to the MCC and ask what is going on. Although the MCC guys normally hear about everything before anyone else does.
  17. Are they going to pay to replace my black summer and winter suits (with 3M reflectors fitted) with hot-pink ones? Will we see a ban on all dark and silver coloured cars. Are we also going to see a ban on large vehicles (they are hard to see around). Are we going to see a reduction of drivers on the roads with impaired eye sight?

    No? I thought not. They're just picking on me 'cos I'm black.
  18. Is it cause I'm black?

  19. Such bullshit.

    What next, banning the riding of yellow or red bikes during sunset/sunrise hours? Or banning riding a blue bike along the sea??

    Feck off NRMA, go conduct some proper studies and perhaps think about the lack of DRIVER skills and education thats the problem.
  20. I vote yes!

    So long as anyone who then runs into a motorcycle is charged with murder because they obviously (according to this rule) intentionally did it.