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NSW NRMA and Greenslip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by elefunksoup, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. A question for NSW riders. The other day, I went to the government's GreenSlip comparison site and answered various questions including "Do you have NRMA roadside cover?" I presume this means having NRMA mean a saving on our GreenSlip?

    Second question. Is NRMA really worth it on a bike. What can they do for you apart from charge the battery?
  2. Personally I think if you are after road side assistance for a motorcycle you'd be better off contact NSW Motorcycle Alliance.
  3. Roadside assist, can also help if you get a flat tyre and can't/don't know how to repair it.
    (Not saying that you couldn't repair a flat, but there are plenty of riders out there that don't carry the gear)
    Even running out of fuel.

    +1 for the Motorcycle Alliance assist ($35 pa), I am generally self sufficient, but for the price, I thought I might as well have it just incase.
  4. Haven't had roadside assist for car or bike for donkey's years.

    They can't do anything on the side of the road, except change a battery and then they only charge you a little more if you are not a member.
  5. Thanks, I've never heard of Motorcycle Alliance. I'll look it up.

  6. Thats not accurate. I have had them splice back together a melted fuse box. It really depends on who you get and how friendly you are
  7. The questions asked on the Greenslip calculator are to give you an accurate quote including any insurance companies discounts such as multi policy and road side assist

    I've never required roadside assistance and never held coverage, just don't see the point. Apart from costing about as much as a tow, and if I needed to be towed the road side assistance wouldn't be enough, and I'd end up paying for most the tow anyway. then factor in that i have a box trailer, ramps and experience moving my own bikes around.
  8. I was of much the same opinion as yourself IClint; never saw the need for Roadside assist, but was riding with a bloke whose bike died 2 hrs for home, a truck turned up, picked him and bike up and delivered him home.

    I think if you regularly ride more than 100kms from home, especially out in the sticks, it could be handy to get you into the nearest town if need be, the only hiccup maybe telephone reception (Telstra regional coverage (blue tick) is the only option, other than Satphone or SPOT).
    Most roadside assist will only take you to the nearest town/service centre, unless you have premium cover. I even asked about when I ride in remote area's, 300km from nowhere? The answer was basically; that I'd have to find my own way into town, but a carton of beer to a station owner can be a good option.

    I recently picked up a bloke who had run out of fuel in his 'new' Duc monster, out near Deniliquinn, he was in a pickle whether to leave the bike or not!
    I now carry a cable lock, so I can hoof it if need be, to go for assistance.

    So I think it is a choice, I will probably never need to use it, and if I lived in a Metropolitan area, I'd doubt I would have it.
  9. Maybe because I can fix things myself and carry some tools I don't see the value as much as other do.

    So agree, that if you have very limited mechanical skills, you MAY get some value out of them, depending on the failure.

    But most of the time I reccon you will be getting your hand in your pocket for a tow (they only tow a few km for free) or a battery.
  10. I didnt have any wire or spare fuses. do you carry them everyday? I call BS

    Your statement was wrong but you wont admit it.
  11. fcuk off.

    I'm yet to encounter a circumstance where roadside assist would have helped me. So my statement is perfectly factual.

    And yes I carry wire and fuses. test light. Zips ties, handful of nuts and bolts and enough tools to do a lot on the bike.

    After that it would be a tow and it would be the same with roadside assist. So they add no value for me.
  12. You probably didnt talk to them like a human. They helped me.

    A tow with NRMA is discounted as well. They have better buying power. You also get the first x kms free depending on your plan.
  13. Nothing to do with that at all. When I was younger I was a member.

    Had a couple of incidents. Can't remember exactly what one was, but other was an alternator. They can't carry an alternator for every make, so it's just a tow.

    And their price seemed higher than standard towing rates at that point in time ( and I was in a position to know tow prices then). Might be better now.

    The other incident was similar (even though I can't remember the failure right now).

    So that's why I stopped using them. On the small stuff they can help me with, I can do myself. That's all my point is.

    A few years later I called them for a battery late at night, even though I wasn't a member. I got charged a bit more, but the price difference more than justified the years without membership.

    They helped you? Good. You can see the value in them. I can't.

    Nothing to do with asking nicely.

    FYI I treat all people nicely when I first meet them. My behavior after that only reflects their treatment of me.
  14. Hey no being rude to each other in MY THREAD :mad:

    I've gone with Motorcycle Alliance for $35 a year (they do cars for for $45). I'm not mechanical, and Iive out of town, so I'm prepared to pay this small amount just in case.

    Thanks for the advice.
  15. You have a lot to learn about Netrider.
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  16. It is dosounted.
  17. Thanks for moving this thread to the apropriate forum. I'll take more care next time.

    And sorry that my attempt at humour backfired.