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[NRL]Titans v Broncos

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Who was responsible for manufacturing a ball made of butter.

    What a shitfull display of footy from the Broncos.

  2. almost as shitfully bad as the Panthers display of the last 2 weeks
  3. go the dogs!

    i'll be wearing my gear and eating a kebab at kickoff :grin:
  4. Wayne Bennett looks more worried than usual :).
  5. I just LOVE seeing the Bronc's go down (loose that is) :LOL: . Don't care who does it. BUT I'm especially pleased when the boys in red and blue do it
  6. How am i suppose to catch Jeff Kahler now !!!!

    damn Broncos !!!
  7. translation - haha vic, suffer as i rub salt in to your wound. :p :p
  8. I picked both panthers and broncos :facepalm:


    storm are home and now I am riding the doggies :LOL: :LOL:
  9. i think they got a butter-ball just like vic's broncos......but its half time, and so far so good. time for another good-luck-kebab-with-extra-tabbouleh :LOL:
  10. GO STORM!!! All the way in 07
  11. I'm having a shocker!
    1 from 4 so far.
    Bloody dogs let me down as well!!!!
    Where is Manly pulling this stuff from?????
  12. very sad here :( :mad: :evil:
  13. And no Orford or Menzies. Dogs at full strength were Manly's first true test for the season.

    Monaghan a great game including a chip over the top a la Steve Mortimer :cool:
  14. you know how to kick a man when he's down dont you alex :evil:

  15. Go storm this year those broncos will be turned into little barbie ponies :p unless the same ref is still on the payroll from last years final :cool:
  16. Who's hijacked your pc, that ain't you Mal, you didn't finish it with Goi Kawasaki :p

    I'm surprised you don't follow the green machine
  17. Least the Dogs know how to win a semi this decade :p