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NRL talk

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Mar 18, 2011.

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  2. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    haha thanks for reminding me.
  3. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions


    No wonder we both ride blue/white bikes ;)
  4. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    i want to get a helmet airbrushed in bulldogs, might find out how much
  5. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    Are you going to turn into a lebo??? fully sic bro check out me sub woofer
    doof doof :D
  6. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    If Goz had any speakers on his bike I would be pretty impressed!

    Don't worry Paul, when you buy a gixxer you will fit right in with the dogs fan base ;)
  7. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    Dude, i support a team, not a crowd, no lebs in our team
  8. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    You know i could go and get a Yammy and some blue singlet's ... :)
  9. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    I wouldn't. Police may think you stole the bike...
    Just be real and get a wooden spoon put on it :D

  10. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    haha will definitely get pulled over for a stolen bike check with a doggies helmet.
    Dunno about the spoon though, he isn't a sharks supporter!
  11. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    who beat the dragons last night? :)

    and yeah, not that i'm a full-on follower of rugby leagues, but since i grew up and went to school in Canterbury, chalk me in for the doggies

    the missus' westie brother in-law is a full on season pass member doggies supporter so go figure
  12. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    haha As soon as the game ended last night, I thought of that. Of all teams to play a monday night game the spooners beat the Premiers.

    Ah well. GO TIGERS!!
  13. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    I'm not a follower of footy but one of my friends is Daryl Halligan (Chook) who was the first player to score 2000 first grade points.
  14. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    You can't just name drop Halligan amongst all these doggies fans! Where's the damn emoticon for bowing down!??!?!?

    The guy is a legend of the sport, not just for his points record but how he revolutionised kicking for the modern era. Get him on a bike and bring him along! haha
  15. Blaise, make sure he's at the next BBQ or u can't come :D
  16. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    He doesn't live in Bulldog territory... he lives in Mona Vale (his kids were in Nippers with mine). I remember when Elmasri was nearing Darryl's (then) record and I asked his opinion - he said he'd break his knee cap :p

    PS. This smiley good enough? [​IMG]

    @Goz - haven't seen him for over 6 months - I should look him up.
  17. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    Blaise, all these doggies supporters will maul you if you dont bring your friend along :p, either that or gang **** you like any good bulldog supporter :p.
  18. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    awww snap son! :D
  19. Snap what, was anyone charged for gang ****?

    That argument is nulled
  20. Re: [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions

    I put **** as a shit stir to see which four letter word fits the bill in peoples minds, "r**e" or "bash" lol.

    Anyway gooooo Penrith and the perennial chokers Parra....my two teams :). This year is gonna be the year we go to the top. F'n Parra stop choking already!!!!!!

    Goz dont you live closer to Parra?