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NRL Spoiler

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Interesting win tonight.

    They are on fire.

    Can they go from 8 to premiers and do what the Broncos did in 1993

  2. Hey Manly...........the Warriors are coming across the duutch to get ya! :grin:
  3. I was very happy with the warriors win over the RSPCA (well, they do seem to pick up all the stray dogs :LOL: ) however my field clerk is going to be extremely upset today.
    it's gotta be making you nervous vic. you are right, they are on fire!
  4. Well not quite 8th, only had it for the ten years :wink: And Warriors first team to win a game from eighth :cool:

    Back to last nght....the first half wonders did it again....

    Warriors tough, fast and could do anything against Manly, who play pretty structured, but are so fit, and always in with a chance if within striking distance. So be an interesting game.
  5. I know the finals series is a little different these days but Brisbane did it from 5th in 1993.
    Bastards caused me to drive from Melb to Brisbane that year to watch the game from the club rooms. Good thing I had my membership card with me as it was members only ;)

  6. Carn Broncos!
  7. What a game !!!

    unfookinbelieveable !!!!!!

    Go Storm !!!
  8. Storm last second.
  9. manly last match
  10. i just dont want to watch the storm in another GF :(
  11. im at work so was watching the scores tick over on the mobile. So close to giving wayne a fairytail send off. Oh well. Thats nrl :)

    Go warriors
  12. Hang on - you're a Victorian, and you're interested in the NRL?

    What the hell's going on?
  13. Victorians love all sport, that's why people turn up to games unlike an afl final in sydney where you only get 19000 people.
    There was a state of origin game played down here a few years back and it attracted 85,000 + people, then the greatest ever attendance for a rugby league game.
    Vics love their sport.
    Every Melbourne Storm game regularly attracts over 10,000 people and that will increase when the new stadium being built next to Olympic park gets finished.
  14. GAYFL is for wimmen!!!!!

    The real game is the NRL.

    I've hated the football ever since I was a kid. I was born and bred in Victoria but cannot stomach the gayfl.

    Last nights game was an absolute ripper. To me that was the grand final.

    I bet Ashton Simms is feeling fairly shit right about now.

    Poor bastard.

    Was a great game but there can only be one winner and that is the one with the most points when the siren goes.

    Unfortunately, it was not the Broncos year again this year.

    Good luck to the two that battle out the Grand final.

    For the record, I don't think Lockyer is a tool.
    With such a huge game looming I would have said the same things.
  15. Spot-on, old mate; Sydney people are too lazy to go and watch anything, and sport is just sport; in Melbourne and Adelaide, it's the religion....
  16. One good thing I can say about AFL is that players WAGs are way ahead of the NRL WAGs ! :grin:

    AFL WAGs seem more sophistcated and refined ! :grin: :grin: